2 Feb 2012


 5% red?You got it! And always will like moving immages, actualy called cinemagraphs, made by http://cinemagraphs.com/

The combination of colors, textures, is simply daring. Love it till the last orange detail.

And now,my ideea of classy. Stolen from her.
 Just made myself an"elbow sweatter" like this one and I am absolutely thrilled. I will show you the procedure some other day, though.

Talking about handbags, this is my favourite one.

 And here is my favourite family. Don't know them, but love  them. Shabby chic, right?
 I can recognize Anna Dello Russo from a mile. And her accessories too. the bag is on my diy list as well.;)

I wish I was a student again, to have this kind of place for learning. Or just looking on the window.

The bath, the fireplace. I can't decide which I like most.

They  say simetry is ugly. Do you agree, looking at this composition? I shared their oppinion, but now... I will have to think about it. And observe the big bottles. My grandpa would be envious on them. They are just perfect for making wine, right? But also, very suited here.

Probably this outfit would't be suited for Bucharest's weather these days. But on a well diserved spring day, it is just perfect. With the 2 scarves and the hat, of course.

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