28 Feb 2012


Yes, that's right, I can feel it! It is here! Spring is here! How can I tell it? Well, the sun is up in the sky, for one thing, it is almost March and I can see flowers everywhere!! Even in my room! So, if the spring is almost here, and bad weather and snow seem to finally go away, I have a new obsession, that would probably take me till autumn: neon colors. In wright proportions, of course. I found some really nice ideas of interior designs based on neon colors and, of course, I will share them with you. 
Some may find them kitchy, but I tell you, if you try adding some color to your interiors, 1% at the beginning, you will be able to create a brand new image to your house. Or to your outfits, why not?

Well,neon chairs are a bit too much for the beginners. But still, fun to add to a living room. The effect is guaranteed. 

These little ones are the latest from The Bakery Studio in Telaviv. Fun and easy to wear.;P http://www.bakery-design.com/#/About

These little stools are my favoritr. I imagine them in my kitchen. Does it smell like a DIY ideea, to you?:D Oh, these ones are from Claire-Anne O’Brien  http://www.claireanneobrien.com/

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  1. They have a lot of options, too, not just the cabinets they have in stock at the store. I recommend having a professional measure your kitchen for you, especially for countertops, because new kitchen countertops won't fit correctly unless you have PERFECTLY straight walls.