29 Jun 2011

wish list:D

Thank God for blogs. Now I can make wish lists and never forget them! Unfortunately for my friends and family.:D
And this is just the beginning!

This watch, seen here: http://www.dezeenwatchstore.com/?page_id=4&shopp_pid=24

This... LEGO puzzle!Love it! http://www.dezeen.com/2011/06/22/competition-five-burj-khalifa-lego%C2%AE-sets-to-be-won/

28 Jun 2011


This post goes for my boyfriend who totally loves this kind of spaces. I am talking about attics. And he is wright loving them. They give a certain spirit, warmer, friendlier and special. They create a room that for sure can get the "special" one of the whole house, that children and grownups would love unconditionally. Their worm image comes for sure from the wood
( the beams of the roof should be apparent). These beams can be treated as one wishes, they can be painted, lacquered, not lacquered. You can choose whatever you want. You can even hide them, but still keeping the angle of the roof. You will guarantee the same effect: THE ATTIC EFFECT. Oh, I and I won't tell about the ceiling light, placed above the bed or sofa, or just in the middle of the room. Imagine a midnight clear, with the sky full of stars, you snuggling in your bed, with a cup of something in your hand, and of course your sweetheart, watching the sky. Priceless. Or, the soft light of the morning, cracking through the window, right over you. Oh my God! I love attics! And yes, attic style goes for any function of the house, not just bedrooms.
I am a totally attic addict.:P

See for yourself.;)

23 Jun 2011


JAK& JILL. Yeah, I know you know.:P It is one of the best fashion blogs nowadays. I don't like it for it's notoriety, but for the way the pictures are captured. I bet all people photographed didn't even feel him sneaking near them and taking a quick shot(although, Garance(www.garancedore.fr) was presenting a while ago how to pose for crazy blogers:P).
These pictures in particular, are my favorite, for one that they are so vivid and clear, and then, for the accessories. My latest craziness are big and bright accessories that take your outfit out of the ordinary. Just like these ones here. Good for mum she kept her bangles from college.:P
Today I intend going to a Heaven on earth store, where I hope I'll find some material to make myself some bright, long dresses for this summer.That is called hunting for bargains.;)

Have a nice Thursday my darlings,

22 Jun 2011


It is official. Summer is here! With all its sun, heat and lime flowers smell. Delicious. The colour that inspires my 2011 summer is...You guessed, white. White and its derived, like beige, soft colors in general and why not, a block color accent.
Using white in decorating an interior means never going wrong. What I love about this non-color is that it changes shades during the day, depending on the light. Gorgeous white in the morning sun, soft white in the evening light.
Oh, but white is also a very demanding color, and if you have small children or pets you should think it twice before choosing white as your basic decorating color.
I hope your summer will be white, and if not, at least, a bright one.


21 Jun 2011


Well, I found this through my morning blogging and I totally loved it! Interesting combining simple shapes of illuminating lamps with modern interior design. Brilliant, isn't it?Simple but effective.


Well, it is not quite new, it is 1 month old. :P Yes, I am talking about my new pink(very crazy pink) TOO LATE watch, bought from Alghero, as a birthday present. I love making myself presents.:D Who doesn't like that?:P
Oh yes, and the bracelet...actually rope for hanging clothes.:P Crazy imagination,right?


20 Jun 2011


This weekend has been a great one as we've been celebrating our friends Marius and Alina's wedding. I totally love these kids and I am sure they will be so happy! Alina has been my sister's best friend since primary school, and I had the honor to replace Alma as one of Alina's bridesmaids. I hope I did good in my job as her helper and I thank them for trusting me in helping them in choosing her wedding dress and outfit, their rings and making the little music boxes as favors. Again, it has been the greatest honor ever! Thank you guys again, for being pros in organizing the wedding reception by yourselves, and don't worry about the little "bad " event with the restaurant. This shows how strong and ready for this journey you are!