4 Feb 2012


Last night we celebrated our sweet friend, Roxana, for her birthday, at our new favourite place, called  "Papiota"wich means "The spool". It is the remaking of a tailor's shop, in the same way as Mechanical athelier,
and by the same architect, Corvin Cristian. Again, such a good job. 
All in all, we had a great time, drinking wine and chilling, from the blizzard outside. Auful weather these days in Bucharest. Hardly wait for the spring.

 The birthday girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!:*

 The bar area, softly lighted and exposing the spools of thread.And of course, old style chairs.

 The gang, discussing at a glass of wine.

 And the couple of the year.:P

 Me, fooling around in the snow.

 The gang, playing in the snow. Fun,fun,fun!

Lipscani Str. at night, covered in snow. Nice photo, honey. ;)

Can't get enough fun in the snow. You can risk being attacked by your friends. All the time.:P

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