27 Feb 2012


   They finally said YES. And it's no doubt about that. I have been there, along with other friends and family. Yes, Roxanne and Bogdan got married. Officially. With signing and all the rest. They have become The Mosoius. At least, in front of the state. Round two, in May. Hardly wait for that to come. I see a great party coming. 

See? I have the proof! Him signing.

 And her, signing.

 And the happy married couple!!

 And  half of the bridesmades. I am proud to be one of them.

And The Iordaches. Happy  and smiling as always. Aren't they the cutest?:P

    So, guys, you probably know that we all love you and wish you the best married life ever ! So, PEACE, LOVE AND PROSPERITY. That is so Feng Shui  of me.:P

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