19 Feb 2012


Had another winter weekend. Nothing special, nothing new, just some snow, still lots of snow actually, chocolate (good chocolate) and coffee, of course.

 This is how Bucharest looks like in the middle of February. Still full of snow. Not my type,actually.

 Even the statues are covered in snow. This one is a famous one, in front of The Comedy Theatre.

 Dambovita River has never looked better:P

This is the first black chocolate I could ever eat! It is brilliant with it's blueberries and flower petals. Mmmm...

And more chocolate. And a good book. 

Mum's special cake with my favorite green plates.:D Hip.

And now, meet Oscar, dad's enemy. Aaaa, I mean, cat.:P Yes, and it comes from Oscar...Oscar Neiemeyer. The architect.:P

And cute stuff from my phone. From the weekly round in Auchan, the local market.

And you'd better have a lovely beginning of the week. ;)

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