21 Apr 2012


I admit: this recipe is stolen. From here.   
I just loved the idea of this cake, as well as the design. I had to try it. From making it till eating it. Pure delight. You can see the result above. 

Photos by me and Mihnea.


 Finaly, I managed to have a Cooking Saturday! I don't get to cook very often, but I like this kind of activity, especialy the experimental part of it. So, when I find a little time, I enjoy trying lots of recipies. Today's menu was: Chicken Paella.
I was dreaming about it since last year, when in Barcelona. After our departure from the Spanish lands, we realised we forgot something very important: we missed trying their special dish. So, today was the experimental cooking day. And look what it turned out.

For 4 people
  • 500g cicken meat
  • 250 g rice
  • 300g green beans and dried beans
  • 2 well chopped tomatoes
  • 1l water/ chicken soup( of course, I forgot about the chicken soup and I used watter, and it's ok)
  • 50 ml oil
  • spices: salt, pepper, saffron( that is how I found out about this quite expensive spice, which can be used in cakes too), bay leaves
  • First, fry the meat easily
  • Add the green beans and the dried ones and fry togetter with the chicken 
  • After 5 minutes, add the watter and boil them for a while.
  • Add the tomatoes and the rice in an uniform way, without mixing everything , to avoid the rice to stick on the pan.
  • After 18 minutes everything should be ready and ready for serving. 

PS: Pictures by me and Mihnea.

16 Apr 2012


 Had some great time today, along with the other part of the family, dad, sis and boyfriend. We had a great meal on the top of Bucharest, some great laughs and great pictures. Have a peek. 

 Great food. Dad is still one good cook.

 I know it has been a good meal, my sister which is not usually eating a lot, just couldn't resist.

Some of my favorite flowers, lilacs.

The crazy kitty, Oscar. This is quite a hard to get image of this loony. Sleeping.

Best friends. But first, sisters.

Hope you had a great Easter holiday, and you are ready for work. I know I would have liked 2 more  days like these.:P.



13 Apr 2012


I take advantage of the Easter Holliday to catch  up with my blogging. My busy and not so organized schedule didn't give me the opportunity to write and not even search for new design ideas anymore. Well, I can't say I don't like it. I loove busy days, actually. 
For Easter is almost here, I propose to you some little relaxed moments. Of cousre, after eating and feasting with your beloved ones. 

 This, of course, it would be your porch. If you had one and I really envy you if you do have one right now.:D The colorful pillows with geometric designs are a must for the design, as well as the vintage mixed furniture!

 This is a pastel version of a porch design. Observe the merge between indian style and some Chineese paper lamps. And some French accents, with the white exterior curtains. Relaxation  guaranteed.

This is more likely to realize, for most of you have an apartment in the city. Some thrown pillows on your balcony, some flowers and some soft lighting with some candles, and it's ready! You are the happy posessor of a relaxing space. Outside.

 And if you decide to celebrate Easter at a picnic, this would be my proposal for you. Elegant and romantic.

Another  porch ideea it would be the wooden swing. In white and flowers. This  reminds me about my grandpa's design for us. He made us, when we were small children, a swing just like this, and we had it hung  under the big tree in the garden. Priceless moments.

 This place is not quite outdoor, but it does give you that relaxed feeling too. You are inside, but in the same time, outside, and you definetely feel the nature.

I guess you observed that most outdoor spaces use white as basic color, and pastel shades. Is that the general combination for RELAXING? Maybe.
 What I know, is that I can already see the effects. 
I hope that I managed to help you visualise the perfect zen spot, and you got the main ideea for this Easter Holliday: RELAAAX AND HAVE FUUUN!!!;)

8 Apr 2012


Yaps, this could be a self portrait as well.:P


I know today is the Easter Day for the cathollics and surelly this post goes for them but for next week too, when is our Easter Day!So,a quick preview. Foun this on and thought it would be a really nice diy ideea for this year's Easter. What do you think? 


3 Apr 2012


This is my latest find, and I can say that I am quite proud of myself. Proud of finding creative minds in Romania. These bells are just perfect to fullfill my collection! They merge tradition with innovation and fresh designs! The creative genius of  illustrator Madalina Andronic & designer Claudiu Stefan, combined and gave birth to these surreal items that can look magnifficent in every house/room/collection, in my case.They really are awsome, as their name sais and you can find all of them here. Enjoy some reinterpreted Romania.

2 Apr 2012


This is it guys, our first wedding invitations. Thanks to Miss Mosoiu, on who we could experiment, we launched our  wedding invitations business. I hope we will succced in making people happy with our creations. So, wish us good luck!


YESSS!! My favorite part of the year is in town. spring that is. After working so hard for 3 weeks in a row, I can finally  feel the spring. With all its colors, image, smells and warm sun. Oh, yes, warm sun. Hw I've missed that! This year's winter has been a big issue. Finnaly it is gone.
And talking about beginnings, I see Monday like a long morning. All day long. So, in the morning, what is your favorite activity, when you can't wake up and feel useful? Yes, coffee is the name! I certainly have a big and hot cup of brown beverage every morning. Especialy that I am lucky enough to serve the best coffee in town, Italian coffee, made in Romania.Unfortunately, this has made me quite picky when tasting coffee elsewhere. Thanks boss and  Mr. Florescu from "Delicatese Florescu", for introducing me to quallity coffee and chocolate. Although they support different ways of making coffee, one being the Italian espresso addict and the other one the Turkish way of serving coffee, they have introduced me to this coffee world.  I don't smoke, drink or party till morning(not anymore:P) so, I admit, coffee is my "guilty pleasure". Beside shoes and bags.:P
Long live coffee! Says the addict in me.:P

 The cookie and the coffee. Always!

 Coffee and design. Of course, it's all about design.

 The perfect set for a perfect breackfast.  Oh, and coffee of course.

The Italian espresso. Per sempre!