29 Jan 2012


I ave been dreaming to visit Bastilia Librarium, since it's opening, last year. Of course my busy and important schedule didn't let me, till today. Yes,today when the temperature dropped till -7 degrees and the snow still gives people headakes. I arrived there, more frozen than ever, to find a cozy, still growing library-caffee in an old historic house. Unfortunately, Carturesti, the other historic house-library, it's a few blocks away and it's 10 years old. Wich means, bigger, more developed and much more books and stuff. Well,but it's just the begginning of this library and I like it;s concept, with all those comics on the walls and cheaper cocoa. I liked the atmosphere, grownups blending with small kids running all over the place. In one word, I had a great Sunday in Bastilia.Surely recommend you to visit it. And buy some books too.;)


 A window composition 1.

Funny kids fooling around. 

 Inspired commics all over the place.

 My face, after a hot cup of cocoa. Priceless.:))

 A window composition.

 Some new architecture, in comparison to the Bastilia Librarium. Each of them with it's identity. Very cubist, though. I like it. Good building for taking pictures.:D

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