21 Feb 2011


If I would have to describe my fashion style, one of the first names that comes in my mind is Marc Jacobs. He starts his new collection with classical and retro inspiration.The blacks, the whites and neutral colours are his favourites, I asume, after the latest collections of his. Spots are also highly used(too much, from my oppinionbut highly necessary to make the difference between classical retro and MJ's retro). His shoes have a very well ressemblence with gummy boots, although they have orthopedic heels and they are classier. Well done! And of course, the rest of the accessories, the bags and gloves(another MJ favourite item), I won't even say anything about them. It's useless. They are brilliantly classy. And so not affordable.:P Yet!:D


pictures www.garancedore.fr

17 Feb 2011


“Ninety-eight percent of buildings are boxes, which tells me that a lot of people are in denial. We live and work in boxes. People don’t even notice that. Most of what’s around us is banal. We live with it. We accept it as inevitable. People say, ‘This is the world the way it is, and don’t bother me.’ Then when somebody does something different, real architecture, the push-back is amazing. People resist it. At first it’s new and scary.”

Arch. Frank Gehry

I couldn't have left this chapter left away, as I am an architect and fond of fashion as well. Both architects and fashion designers dress things.Architects-buildings, fashion designers-people. And now you will probably say what is the catch! Well, both "arts" have in the middle, the human being. Both of them covers the man in a different way and at a different level.
I always considered architecture, that part of our life, that seems so unimportant but in deffinitive it is one of the most important things. We live in the product of the architect, we work in it, we go to concerts, to films, we enjoy ourselves,we live indoors more than we think. Along history, architecture had different immages and faces, as the man evolved. Each period had its characteristics and ways of building.
And yes, last, fashion, changed along with everything, including architecture. You will probably say that clothes are not so important in a person's life, and probably you are right. Why do we need so many clothes, bags, shoes? Can't we just manage with only one pair? Well,we don't. Someone told me, in life, immage is very important. Think that when you meet soeone you don't decover the inside of a person, but after looking at it. You first see the outside.And that counts first. So, fashion became a vital thing as soon as people foud out it's a necesity. Well, at the begining clothes had just a practical purpose and that's it. Later, people realized it was no longer a necessity.

And ,voila the well known architect Frank Gehry even dressed the as well famous Lady Gaga. Just to see the link between fashion and architecture.

photos by Karine Basilio for HIGHLIGHTS MAGAZINE
Fabio Bartlet for VOGUE BRASIL

16 Feb 2011


If you would put me to choose 10 things to take with me on a dessert island,one of tem would deffenetly be a book. Reasing a book opens your mind, takes you to places you have never been before and always you discover new things.Even if you read the same book over and over again. Oh well, you guessed. This post continues the last one, dedicated to my dear, dear sis. She is a kind of book devorator.:p
So,here are a few ideas of how to arrange your books.In case you have to many and still reading. :D

Best bookcase ever. Best home library, also.

Re laxation corner.In the middle of the room.

In the kitchen.Before and during breackfast.

By the bed."TO READ" list.


photos from www.decorology.blogspot.com

13 Feb 2011


So, today it's my baby's sister birthday. The problem is that she is not here, to celebrate togheter with cake and laughs, like we used to each year. This year she is cellebrating in Sardenia. Oh well,so,after I cellebrated her along with grandma, in front of a Prahova Valley cup of wine, I thought it would be nice to dedicate her one of my posts. So, this is Alma in immages.





9 Feb 2011


You wouldn't think about this, but wallpaper came back. In big force I can say. Many people didn't quite use it to cover their walls, thinking it's a waste of time an d money and that someday they would eventually change it and that this procedure is too complicated. Oh well, those times passed and THE WALLPAPER improved itself to make itself practical and loved. You can easily find washable wallpaper, plastic wallpaper and I don't remind you of it's multiple patterns and colors! What can I say? It is my new obsession! And it's perfect for a new apartment: You can have a wall covered in this way and you have a personalized room already. Of course, you will have to choose your favorite color and model.
Here are a few inspirational photos, so you can see how a nice and well chosen wallpaper can change the whole aspect of the room. Enjoy!



all photos and inspiration from www.decorology.blogspot.com

8 Feb 2011


I am on the merge of erupting! Of sleep! This post is the best thing that could happen! I had such a terible day at work, so sleeping is the only good thing I can dream of! This evening I have been to a conference, launching a book about old Bucharest. Architect Bogdan Andrei Fezi is the author and he gathered nice and suggestive pictures in one really nice book. Almost looking like an album from grandma's locker. But of course, this wasn't really the reason I went to this event. Mr. Neagu Djuvara, a 94 and 1/2 Romanian historic is a verry interesting and smart person, who has such a great gift of story teller! He is like a grandpa I never had!Well,I had a really nice and clever grandpa!I can't compare him to nobody! But Mr Djuvara is delicious. As he gets older he becomes funnier and he talks like no other normal averege age person talks. He is sooo lucid. I am so glad I had the chance to see him live.
Oh well, but enough talking about this, for I could talk forever about how much I admire Mr Djuvara, and lets come back to our today post: SLEEPING...

Well, when I think of peaceful sleeping, I imagine having a bedroom like this one. Big pilows, many blanckets and a nice bed side teable to put my books. Oh, and my flowers. And I guess this is the perfect light for a good morning.

I think this is the kind of bed my sister would dream of. Bed side table made from books-to read.And a big mirror to see herself in the morning(I dont imagine someone wanting to see himself with the morning-face to often) and a big curtain to stop the morning rays of light. On Sunday mornings, of course.

This room makes me think of Heaven! It has a special glow, even with the old-fashioned steel bed. It's a gorgeous immage.

Do you remember "Marie Antoinette"movie? Well, this kind of arrangement reminds me of it! The bleu, the green and the flowers. A" morning" bedroom,as well. And another option for "Marie Antoinette's" room. Love the couch. I bet it is confy, not just good looking.

Just black and white. What else more to say? Classic. Nice and clean.

Oh well, I have been writing about bedrooms for about half an hour and I can say I wish I was in bed by now. So, good night and sleep tight!


7 Feb 2011


Yes, that's right. It is just me. In my room.My dearest sister flew away for an ERASMUS degree, just on the other side of Europe, more precisely in Sardenia. Great place to be in the middle of the Bucharest winter! Happy happy sunshine. Well you will ask me what the problem is. The problem is that she will be away for about 6 months!!6 MONTHS!!This is quite a lot! I have never been away from her so long,excepting the time I was in Zagreb, working. But that was 2 months. Well,I will get used to not having her here, messing with my stuff. I am just kidding. I love her so,so much, and I think I will have a hard time to accomodate. Luckyly, my boyfriend is staying more with me, and I will handle.
Well, I should think of a HOLLYDAY POST, for today, speacking of Sardenia, but I will go there this spring, and I don't want to spoil the surprize.
Do you ever thought of how an architect's desk should look like? Nowadays it is more simple being an architect, you don't need a big desk or lots of sheets of paper thrown everywhere.We've got Autocad,don't we? I would preffered the old fashioned way, this programme being very imperonal.

Well,for those of you who did'nt get read of the old planning methods, or for you who just want to have another kind of desk, here are a few ideas I found.

This kind of desk is good for a bigger space than our "match boxes" from Romania, isn't it?:p
Anyway, I admire the combination between the old desk and the chair that seems modified for this tipe of table.

I tell you from experience: you can't project anything with a bunch of flowers on the table. Never! But still,I like the ideea. And the PAPER trash bin.
And now, a place to relax after the endless nights of working, or on cosy Sundays. You choose. The green from the chair blends perfectly with the petrol -gray walls. And the table for coffe and books, of course in a chill purple. And, last but not least, the pillows and the cosy blankie.

For those of you who can't leave the Autocad and can't remember how to hold a pencil anymore, I have some ideeas of workspace, too.

So,are you pleased? I sure am! These study/ work spaces are brilliant. I would work non-stop if I had one of them.

Soon,I will show you my verry own work space. I hope.

Kisses, Mara