27 Jul 2012

24 Jul 2012


 See for yourselves the before ant after of the DYI project I did last weekend.

Photos by me and Mihnea.


My new and irremediable obsessions are these vintage fans. They are so in these days because of the summer heat, that I would really use one of them. So, who knows a safe and cheap source that could provide me with one, please share it with me.:D

23 Jul 2012


Photos by me and Mihnea.


This weekend it has been a vintage and handmade fair, at the peasant's museum, in Bucharest, to celebrate St. Ilie , a well known Romanian celebration. Fortunately it didn't rain,  so we hit the road and we were to discover great things at this fair. We didn't come home empty handed and this is what caught our eyes.

 5 kg wood bucket used to weigh grain in the countryside. We reinterpreted it as a magazine holder.

 Old reception bell. Was a real bargain.

 Door stopper made from a flower pot holder. Cool isn't it. Actually, I found this at Praktiker, a local crafts supermarket.

The book I currently read and another bargain vase.

Photos by me and Mihnea.


 If last week we cooked, this week we did some diy projects. They have been on our list for some time but you know the time problem. So, finally, at the end of this week we could gather and finish the small bathroom mirror( it is actually just the beginning of the bathroom makeover) and we gave the old kitchen cabinet a new look. A summer, fresh look. So, voilaaaa!!!

Fresh happy buttons!

Photos by me and Mihnea.

20 Jul 2012


I am launching to try understand this new designing methods. It could be the answer for the future design and house building, or it could be just a faze. Is the computer going to seize our entire world? Are we going to make everything just by printing an image generated on it? Is this a good thing, or a bad one? Ms Oxman( assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab) thinks that 3D Printing will make a future that allows “the possibility of dreaming, and the possibility that one might really turn into physical material form any poetry that resides in the mind.” That could be a thing, couldn't it?

photos and information from: here

15 Jul 2012


 This weekend has been awfulll!!!Soo hooot! 41 degreees!!Jeesuuus!! Bucharest is hell, I tell you! So, as we didn't have anything to do, and going outside was impossible  even to  think about, we decided to cook a little. Sincerely, our friend Alina and Marius made us doing this after they have started their cooking blog that looks and seems delicious as the name says: http://delicii.mariusdragne.ro/
So, after we finished redecorating the kitchen cupboard( that would be another story), we started the cooking process. Mihnea bought a few days ago some sweet potatoes and we were anxious to try new recipes with it. We decided making some wedges with a few normal potatoes too, some marinated chicken grill and mum's famous apricots and peaches summer cake.                             Oh and some Cuba Libre! With lots of ice!
So, the recipes are simple: the potatoes were first mixed with some olive oil, some chilly, curry, potato condiments, salt and pepper, and the chicken breast was held for a couple of hours in a mixture made from lemon juice, olive oil, teriaky  sauce ,and again, salt and pepper. It turned out being a delicious dinner and a perfect end for this hot,hot weekend! Hope next week will be better! 

P.S.: The cake recipe is still a secret.:D 

13 Jul 2012


 I know this is a man's watch, but it's not a sin dreaming about having it,right?Just look at that leather strap. Like vintage leather sofas.:D

 Very industrial. Fits perfect with ATELIER MECANIC.

 I am still dramming of making this shelves in our office. Just for fun!

 Vintage stuff always make me dram. Of passed times.

 These glasses are perfect for my next diy project. Stolen the idea from http://www.curbly.com
Have you gathered so many pencils that you don't know what to do with them? Well this is the nicest idea. From Milan Design Week 2012.

So, I hope you have enough nice ideas till Monday. So, you don't have any excuse not to have a great and relaxing time this weekend. Happy weekeend!!!

11 Jul 2012


 We have launched our new wedding invitation collection. With this summer inspired theme. Sun flower inspiration actually. Our clients wedding is in August so, choosing the theme was easy and fun. The idea of sticking the flower on the invitation was just perfect, wanting to create a dynamic image of it. The paper and the envelopes are also chosen to reunite the whole idea. So, the paper we chose is a drawing paper with a soft texture and the envelopes have small flower traces. A little bit of nature was necessary. 
For this invitations we have also made some button-made favors/button flowers, using the same colors as in the invitations.
Soon to come, the name tags for the reception.