30 Nov 2011


I don't think I told you before, but I LOOOVE hand made stuff. From home decoration to clothes and jewelry. Talking about jewelry, these Marion Vidal are my latest obsession. I don't know why but they send me an architectural image with all those shapes and the well proportioned colors. Just a model in white and...something.

If you want more ideas and more window- sites shopping, take a look here: Marion Vidal


    Yeah, that's right, it has passed. Another year has passed away. So quickly, again. This time of year I use to draw a line and think. Think of what I did during the year, and what I didn't do, that I should consider the year that will come. It's hard work, because every time I realize that are many things I didn't do, that I wished I did. 
   Tomorrow December begins, and together with it,one of my favorite period of the year. I love all the pretty and shiny Christmas decorations allover town and the goodness that surrounds everything. It is good that one month, every  year, people remember to be good to each other. Imagine that behavior each day of the year. The story would have been different.
     In order to feel the Christmas spirit  better this year,and avoid the Grinchy side of us, I propose, to discover, together, for each day, till 25th December, one cozy, bright idea for this time of year. So, let the hunting begin! The haunt for Christmas spirit!!! 

28 Nov 2011


Sorry guys for not being here for the past week and for not entertaining you with my crazy ideas. I have been working for an architecture contest and I haven't even had time to breath till Thursday, on Friday our studio organized a road trip near Bucharest, to see a house that should be redesigned, and on Saturday I participated to one of my favorite events of the year: Gaudeamus book fair. Here I've been to T.O. Bobe's new book launching and I' ve done some real good book-shopping. My craving for reading has been calmed down. For the moment. It has been, indeed well spent money.

And, till I will gather all the photos from that day, I invite you to sit and relax a bit, and get ready for another working week.  

19 Nov 2011


                                 Enjoy this colorful video, for a true colorful weekend.

18 Nov 2011


Well, this is wonderland! I tell you! If I had this, I wouldn't be happy and relaxed forever after ! 

17 Nov 2011



Honestly, now, who passed through childhood without drawing on  walls? Hope there aren't many of you who didn't do that just once. I remember killing my parents and grandparents with my precocious drawing imagination. I luckily still draw on walls but not with so bad consequences. Many others still draw on walls too, and look what they came up with.

So, looks like we found the replacement for plain white or wallpaper. And it sure is original and not found in every house. And what's more, is that it's made by you. 
Found this brilliant ideas,  here.

OH SO... COCO...

Back in business with...this, from Coco Rocha

16 Nov 2011


This has been my treatment for today. I really got it in the end. The flu I mean. Damn!Got to stay indoors and chill. Can't remember when I last did that.:))


15 Nov 2011


     Let me tell you something: I live on the ground floor of a typical Bucharest apartment. That is why I have always dreamed of living as high as possible. If I could, I would probably go on the roof, though the city hall would probably fine me, for illegal building . And who is that lucky to have a very old aunt who lives him a very big apartment in an inter war downtown block of flats? Well, I am not. So, till I will be able to afford such a flat, maybe in Paris, why not? I steal ideas from others, of course. This one, here, is in Stockholm, Sweden and it's my last obsession. It has all the essential elements, one cozy and "good after work apartment " should have: lots of white, fluffy sheets, pillows on the ceiling, nice collection of objects and, and... last but certainly not least, a BIG glass surface, essential for those Sunday sunny mornings or snowy winter days.  And, I guess you could sense from my storytelling that this is my ideal apartment. For the moment.:D

immages from here

14 Nov 2011


                     I have had a pasion for Ireland and everything that it represents, for a while now. I don't even know when it has developed so much that I extended it in interior designing. Well, it just might be a professional deformation. I admire Irish style for it's simplicity and in the same time a relaxed and countryside like inspiration.The dark colours, the decorative elements, family legacies, can be found in one irish room. I's interior can tell you so much of it's owner, more than the person can tell herself.
        So, let's scroll through some Irish inspirated homes and sigh together. :D  Oh, and get inspired!

11 Nov 2011


I made a really interesting  discovery today! I found this new Zara collection, which is just perfect! Did they discover  my wardrobe? :D  Damn!:D

10 Nov 2011


     Well, this goes to you, new mommies ! Some inspiration! This online store for kids is the best I found in a long time. Nice little clothing, for your nice( that is relative, after the sleepless nights:P) little ones. And I haven' t even started talking about the handmade toys! Simply love them, wish them under my grownup-child Christmas tree. :D I won't lie to you, I still have a childish behavior and I know how to appreciate good quality toys and nice furniture. :D Oh,and cool kids.:D