8 Feb 2012


 It's almost Thursday, but still, this are my outfit inspirations for this week.:P
 A nice indian like skirt. Good for spring, though.
 The shape, the belt, the...black. i don't know what I like most.
 This is definetly the black I like. And the splash o fgold. A little to much of this, but...
 Sun glasses? Erings? It's your choice. Be careful though not to look like your grandma.:P

 Show me something striped and I die! Show me beije and I die again.

 Did I tell you that I have a fetish? Yes, it is called: RINGS. This hedgehog is among them.
 And now, ladies and gents, the funniest sweatter ever. Mabe, if I was 15 years older I would have killed for it. Now, I just want to... make it!:))
 And yes, maybe gold is my other fetish. 

Another easy to make thing. This two faced clutch challenges me.
 A preiew of my future handbag. If I only knew where it came from...
A bag that I have, but want in all the possible colors. What!? I just love the model.

Finds from here.


  1. great pieces. xx

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  2. Great pieces !!

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