28 Aug 2012


3 1 Phillip Lim clutch

3 1 Phillip Lim clutch   

Is there a secret , that I am like every girl, kind of obsessed of shoes, bags and other things like these? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not different at all. I can't pass over a shoe shop's window without scanning everything there, or I can't help myself buying some sales or vintage jewelery. I am not even opening the talk about bags because it would be endless and sure you'll get bored. My new online obsession is Refinery 29 where I find really inspiring ideas each and every day. So, today, just take a look at what I found. And drawled at, of course.:D

27 Aug 2012


It is known that the triangle is the most sustainable structure. For some years now, I have been captivated about this element, ever since my 5th year Museum project. Of course, my degree project couldn't be any different and I couldn't help myself finding a little place in it, for using some triangles. Since then, I chase all "triangle based projects" and kind'a collect them. Lately I have found many of these and quite interesting ones, I might say. For instance, this clubhouse, designed in Chongqing, China by the Plus Partnership Limited Team. 

The whole project started as a reinterpretation of a natural element, the mountain, present in the geographic background. To imitate as well as possible the natural, the team used the triangle, as a base element and multiplied it in many shapes and forms as possible, recreating nature. Not only they reinterpreted the rock but they managed to add interior light through some  LED lights that seem like raindrops or the stalactites and stalagmites of a cave.Really effective are the golden reception counters, that add some preciousness to the whole building. The marble and the concrete are the two building elements used for this"mountain effect" and gray and black are the two main colors. Just like a real geographic form.The well realized finishes and well studied interior perspectives make of this project a dynamic and full of surprises one, each corner revealing a different image, due to the well placed slits of light, that accentuate the triangles edges. 
More details on this project, you can find here

24 Aug 2012


6 lovely years have passed since I've met this guy. And each year that passes by makes me more sure about my feelings for him. So, hoping for another 6  marvelous  years, happy birthday to us, darling!
We spent our anniversary at a local restaurant with a Greek athmosphere and food. Serving dinner at a different international restaurant each year, has become a habit. This year, the greeks!!
 A creative present! Thanks darling !
 For me, some fried scallops! And a glass of red wine,please!
Some souvlaki and French fries taste heavenly, I tell you!
And la piece de resistance, the Baclava! Very sweeeeet!!
Have a sweet and loving weekend!

23 Aug 2012


Do you know that strange feeling during summer when you feel you want to escape the hot city and run away somewhere cool? Well, these days have come for me. I dream of having a weekend or just a day at a picnic. Just the idea of sitting on grass all day long and enjoy some homemade sandwiches and lemonade, from a classic picnic basket, makes me want to take this kind of break. I thought what my picnic day would look like and look what my mind came up with:

 A Yogy Bear kind of picnic anyone?:D  Just the table reminds me of that, the rest of the arrangement being very shabby chic.

 I do imagine myself on those pillows, sipping from that wine. Mmmm. The nice part is that you can easily transform them easily from a seating element into a sleeping one.:D

 Those bird cages really do the trick of this image. And I guess they probably can use as candle holders as well. And again, those brilliant pillows. Bigger this time. I'd say"and better".

 Well this could be another kind of picnic: in the backyard of your countryside house. With lanterns and everything, including the marine theme with dark blue. I for instance crave for those gas lamps on the table. I have a small collection of those from my grandparents, but these are quite special.

 This is what I call an improvised picnic. Just take your bike, the bed blanket and off you go. Oh and some food, of course.
This is more or less a romantic dinner in the garden, but you can take it easily as a picnic too. 

And why not, a picnic on the beach. And use a lot of whites and vintage glassware to design the food area. Oh, God, and of course throw some more pillows to create the comfy effect! Relaxation guaranteed!

Last but for sure not least, this is my favorite picnic case. It just has everything: nice plates and cutlery, nice colors and above all, it is sooo romantic, isn't it?:D
 So, let's dream this weekend we escape from the city in a magical place, with our beloved ones and we just relax. Because, as we like it or not, a new working week will come after that and we should be mentally if not physical  prepared. 

13 Aug 2012


Had in mind a city break like this for a loong,long time. Followed by a whole day of "not doing anythiing". Well, here it was and passed so quickly. Snap! Here are a few snapshots of the weekend spent in Mihnea's childhood village.

We see this everyday in Bucharest but not in this way. A pack of hay, for those of you that are city bread.:P

 Dambovita, the river that crosses Bucharest too, but in a different view. A nicer one if you would ask me. No concrete at all!

 An inspirational fence.

 Some handmade carpets. Made by Granny.;) My roof terrace would look great if I had one of these.:D

Mmme Pompidou, the cat. Always on time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

 And talking about dinner, this is just the beginning of my first grill. Self made, I mean.:D I won't show you the images after because I still want you to read my blog. But I can tell you it has been delicious!:D

 Some melted marshmallows, a pure delight!

I salute you and see you in the city life. Phuaaa!! 

8 Aug 2012


Got bored of your old stuff and want to give it a makeover? Here are some fun ideas that I am so fond of, that I am going to try these days!:D

 Grandma's old candle sticks will have a fresh new look with these colors. You will find out how to make them, right here:http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226207/colorful-candle-holders-how

 These glamorous  baskets are not for everyone, but if you can handle the silver look they will look great as magazines holders or flower pots. Big flower pots.:P (http://www.marthastewart.com/901710/spray-painted-straw-baskets)

 Old and destroyed frames? Oh well, not anymore. These ones look as new as any others and they have cool block colors as well. (http://pinterest.com/pin/8233211789758328/
Well, don't tell grandma about this idea. She would probably not agree with it. If you still want to take a shoot, you will find it here:http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2011/9/8/diy-spray-painted-flatware.html

3 Aug 2012


Don't have any idea what to do with your life this weekend? Here is a hint: download and fold kitties. You would probably feel so relaxed after this activity. Just think of the ones who stood nights to make these and then transfer to you the easy part: to assemble! 
You can download them from here: http://www.toxicpaperfactory.com/singleillustration.php?pid=34


Really dreaming of a working space like this one. Just me and my world. Could live with that.:D