29 May 2012


 These days I truly dream of those days spent in the sun, at Roxanne's wedding. I miss theem! And I really hate rain. Here we were fooling around on Sunday morning after the wedding. With the props, of course. Funny those pompoms.:D
 Early May sunbathing. Loving it!Missing it.

 Some sad remains of old Constanta.

 Talking about sad, here is the famous Casino now. Looks like old Titanic.

 Girls on the site. Feeling professional enough?

 The old and new .

 And writing...To someone.

 The Black Sea was quite green that day.

And la piece de resistance, Mircea the CAT! The big cat!

27 May 2012


        At last, Dana and I could celebrate our b-days. It's been 2 weeks since I have expected this and it has been a great evening spent with good friends and "interesting food" like these blue cupcakes over here.:P  Crazy blue royal icing! 

 Takeaway muffins and cake for Alina.

I don't remember this cocktail's name but I remember it was delicious. La piese de resistance of the night.

 Friends fooling around with the "mustache straws". I knew this would happen!

Mustaches and cocktails, the best combination.;)

23 May 2012


 Today's issue, the bathroom accessories. Here, I don't have much to say. Just that I personal hate seeing lots of plastic bottles and jars, with shampoo, soap etc. I just hate to see plastic, that's all. For that, I started collecting everything that is not made of polyurethane. I choose vintage elements, that have a story, from tea metal boxes, to chemistry jars. They are suitable for cotton pads, ear sticks or makeup. Here, are some lately finds from Printerest. I consider that these accessories make a room original, like it's owner. So, don't be afraid to get imaginative and start arrange your bathroom as in magazines. Is simple. Just follow your instincts.

 The laboratory. A bathroom can be that too.Choose the right bottles.

 Vintage objects will always be my thing. Even in metal. White is the perfect color for a romantic bathroom.

You don't have whiskey anymore? Reuse the bottle if you try to give up drinking.:P  Just add a drinking glass with some detergent, a candle stick and some flowers and you will feel royal. 

I can say, these ear sticks look happier in that jar, than in their original plastic wrap. Be sure that mum doesn't need that jar before you use it.

Painted flowerpots. And here you have another DIY. It will be so much fun to create you own accessories and be sure your friends will admire them.

 Near the reused jars, I would add the candle. For more romance, of course. And a vintage hanger. For your towels.;)

 Chemistry seen in another color. The same effect, though.

 Some Jane Eyre inspired accessories. Don't miss the lavender and the rose. They surely won't have the same effect.

And finally, did you think I will forget the pickle jars? No,no! They are the most important. They are quite big to stock all your shell and soap collection and they are transparent enough for all friends to see  and admire.:D 

22 May 2012


 Small grey tiles may make you think that they will  make the space smaller, but as long as they transform themselves in one surface, they can be used like the  usual tiles. The mirrors are always welcomed in a bathroom, right? Bigger and bigger!

Here, the mirror is the main character.The engraved glass is an answer for this.

 To accentuate the washing basin you can simply use grandma's old tiles. And add some vintage accessories for a plus.

 The grey is the new black. For interior design at least. It can be used in every room of the house, as well in the bathroom. The main ingredients of this room, are actually the chandelier and the candlestick. Unusual for a bathroom, right? But they really find their place there. They give the room the preciousness it needs.

Why not transform the bathroom in your art gallery? And why not give up on your mirror? Crazy idea, right?:P 


 After I found a special place where I can imagine and then have realized my own shoes, these ones are the next on the list. And I know the perfect leather for them. Furry leather. Muahaah!!

 Perfect couple, perfect outfits, perfect shades and colors.

 Another diy idea. 

 The perfect hat for this summer. The orange is optional.;)

No words for these ones. They speak for themselves.

14 May 2012


Never thought I would ever get here. 27! OMG! And still, it is true. I am 27 and a few days now. Don't feel more than 20 though. :P Being a child till the end, right? I've spent my b-day with half of my family, my dearest sister, my mom and Mihnea. I t has been a delight to share this day with them on the INFINITEA terrace, till it got dark. The fairytale atmosphere got me far far away, in the land of Peter Pan. The whole place smells like tea, cookies, and fairies.It is officially my new favorite relaxing spot. Ironically, a few days before this, I was having a talk with Alma, about the lack of peaceful and contemplative places in Bucharest. And we found it! I am sure there are lots of places like this, and I am determined to find them! 
Till then, enjoy some creative pictures( you can't let your camera out of hand while being in that place) of my small birthday celebration.
Hugs and more 27 years to come!;)

9 May 2012


Long time no see. Very busy and important. Since last I've postedd, manny things have happened. Hope a bachelorette party and a wedding are enough to justify my lack of posting. I've been so busy organising everything and helping Roxanne with all the things, that I couldn't even check my dayly reads and blogs.So, these pictures are a little preview of the wedding that happened last weekend. Hope I will be able to provide more photos the next days. It has been a great weekend, spent with friends and having maximum of fun. The ceremony was beautiful and so the reception. our 3 months work has been apreciated and all the handmade accessories were the main atraction. After the bride and groom. 
These past days, I have lived emotions I haven't lived before. Seing my friend getting married brought me great emotion. Even though I have seen every steps of the making of the dress, I couldn't resist miself and I almost burst into tears. I never thought I was that emotive.
So, I am back and I will try posting as often as I can. Bye for nooww!;)