28 Dec 2011


 My kind of decorating the kitchen window. Old style.

 The Christmas tree. Classic this year with old style accents, like gingerbread and dried orange and apple slices.

The wooden Christmas tree has been in my family for a looong,loong time. It is already a tradition to collect each year a few wooden ornaments for it. Unfortunately I think I will have to build a new one for next year, this little one can't handle the toys anymore.:P

The gift wrapping this yeah :Wrapping paper(the cheapest one) and old newspapers, ribbons and lace.

And the famous gingerbread cookies. Made by me, designed by me.I assure you they are delicious!

Yes, guys, Christmas has passed, but chill,next year we take off again. With preparations, joy and carols. This year I had a little problem getting into the Christmas spirit, although, here, on the blog, I have been preparing it for almost a month. Oh well, these things happen. I tried to surround  myself with decorations, carols and specific stuff,but it didn't work. Some family issues didn't help me celebrate. Oh well, skipping that, let me show you how my Christmas decorations look like. So, 3,2,1 GO!

21 Dec 2011


Found these really,really nice vintage Christmas cards a few days ago and I was stunned by their elegance. See for yourselves.

20 Dec 2011


Oh, this I want to try. For so many reasons.:D


I know I presented you the other days some cool and new ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, but, I personally am addicted to the traditional way . So for all of those conservatories of you, I have some suggestions. 

Images from: http://weheartit.com

19 Dec 2011

Just Iris

This Saturday I had the greatest time in a while. I have been with my bf, Cata and Ana, my best friends from highschool to one of the best Romanian bands ever, Iris. It has been a blast!

16 Dec 2011


Considering that I just left my sister to the airport, for her Christmas adventure in Sardegna, I don't have anything left to do but think of how I am going to spend Christmas and how I am going to decorate the house this year. For  start, this year I am forced to start designing the Christmas tree one weak early, for I have to decorate 2 more trees, my boyfriend's and my dad's. Tough job, I tell ya. For that I have started the research. And look what alternatives I found.

These are a nice alternative of Christmas trees for kids. Pink or blue. Depends on what you have.:P

Why not have an upside down Christmas tree this year? As a change. 

Found grandma's old stuff? Do you have junk stuff that occupies your drawers. Well, this is a new alternative to your Christmas tree. And it goes with the crisis.:D

Another idea for a crisis Christmas tree. Pick some branches from the park and decorate them with globes. 

Use the old frame and try this kind of design. Playful and original .

And another design for a branch. This time, try painting it and add some vintage globes. You will get an elegant and stilish tree.

Well,yes, you guessed. This tree is made from a bottle brush.:D Not a used one, of course. :D

Remember those boxes in which they transport oranges to markets? Well, they are a good material to build a Christmas tree. You can leave it like this, or paint it. The effect will be the same.

This would be my friend's Dana, favorite tree. It is a  laser cut tree.:D From wood, of course. It could also be made in plexi glass.

Talking about wood, take a look at this structure. Easy peasy.

This is another idea for my architect friends out there. The wooden pixel treee!!!

14 Dec 2011


Christmas wreaths. On the front door, on the living room wall, on the mirror. Made from branches, Christmas lights, metal, photos, feathers. Actually, you can use anything you have to make them. The more you use strange elements, the more original it will be. 

Inspiration came from: hereherehere.