29 Jan 2012


I ave been dreaming to visit Bastilia Librarium, since it's opening, last year. Of course my busy and important schedule didn't let me, till today. Yes,today when the temperature dropped till -7 degrees and the snow still gives people headakes. I arrived there, more frozen than ever, to find a cozy, still growing library-caffee in an old historic house. Unfortunately, Carturesti, the other historic house-library, it's a few blocks away and it's 10 years old. Wich means, bigger, more developed and much more books and stuff. Well,but it's just the begginning of this library and I like it;s concept, with all those comics on the walls and cheaper cocoa. I liked the atmosphere, grownups blending with small kids running all over the place. In one word, I had a great Sunday in Bastilia.Surely recommend you to visit it. And buy some books too.;)


 A window composition 1.

Funny kids fooling around. 

 Inspired commics all over the place.

 My face, after a hot cup of cocoa. Priceless.:))

 A window composition.

 Some new architecture, in comparison to the Bastilia Librarium. Each of them with it's identity. Very cubist, though. I like it. Good building for taking pictures.:D

28 Jan 2012


Well,for a while now, that is about 2-3 weeks, I have been planning to start the search of a new handbag. And this time is for real. I want a durable,elegant-casual(wanna wear it to work too), not big but not small(still need my space for architecture stuff like pens and rullers), accessible colour (not so wild but not like grandma's) hand bag. I am up for investment this year. Goodbye useless plastics and immitations. I want a real one this year.Well,don't imagine I want to spend a fortune on it. No. A little fortune, actually. I have no ideea what I want, and I hope you guys can lend me a hand. Wich handbag should I invest in?  
I imagine you laughing right now and saying this is a stupid way to find inspiration, and maybe you architect friends out there think I have moved to the dark side, and that probably is true, but as the internet is widely opened, why not? Inspiration and ideas come from anywhere.
I promise next week we shall talk just about design and architecture. No more girly stuff.:P ...But after I get my handbag!:)))
Bye for now and have a rocking weekend in the snow. Yeah, for almost a week, Bucharest is covered by snow. Hope not for so much time.

25 Jan 2012


When it comes to men style, this is what inspires me most: nude colors with blue, brown or red accents, almost like a Gavroche. A little bit of slacky image won't harm anyone, right? And it's so cool.  

This combination is just very good, considering we are talking about a boy.:P You don't find a colour that matches, but the whole is just brilliant.

Well,this boy drives me mad! I can assume he is dressed accordingly.:P

 Just crave for his yellow gloves.And casualty.

 Aparently, those socks and trainers don't have anything in common with the outfit. And that's what it makes it so cool.

 Just observe the colors combination. And the boy.:P

Green socks?Who would have thought about that? Him.:P

Again, we are talking about colors. And jacket. And combination.

I know a lot of you, girls will drawl over these photos. I know, there are some cute guys here. But you should thank http://garconstyle.blogspot.com and http://www.thesartorialist.com/ as always, for them. 

23 Jan 2012


Monday outfits for work. Classic colors, simple but still different shapes. To see and to try maybe. I personally like these combinations and I certainly tried them many times before and I just love them. 
Have a great and fulfilling week.

16 Jan 2012


Just try these outfits at work and I assure you won't regret it. The sweet classic style.

12 Jan 2012


Fabbrica restaurant in Bergen. Designed bu the Tjep design studio. A German design studio. They transformed and reinterpreted the train cabins and they set them as tables for the restaurant's customers. When you enter your little cabin you just leave behind the whole world and it's just you and your interlocutor. All this technical image, softened with some chandeliers, that you may think, are from a different story. Every technical detail, like the light bulbs, the wires and the outlets, are visible, and along with the apparent beams, they form this industrial image, which is Fabbrica restaurant. 

10 Jan 2012


This is definitely not the first time I tell you that I love the color white in interior designing. And who are best at white arrangements than Scandinavians? White is their leading color. From the almost permanent snow, to their design. I will start my Scandinavian design trip with one white and cozy apartment from Sweden.