30 Aug 2011


     I present you my latest obsessions, the bracelets from Aurelie Bidermann! During the years I have learned that a good accessory can save an outfit and can make it original. Imagine a black, simple dress with this kind of bracelets. Just one on your wrist and you are the queen of the evening. I like that all of them are based on simple ideas, as the one that seems like a friendship bracelet, or the punk one, but the way they are made, makes them elegant and flashy.
     Enjoy more designer bracelets, here http://www.mytheresa.com/euro_en/accessories/jewelry.html?p=1

Have a nice week,

26 Aug 2011


  It is funny how things change in time.Five years ago, I was a bad, black and rock chick who wouldn't want to hear anything about colors. Well, don't imagine that now I am looking like a clown, but I like having a drop of color in my life. Colors bring light to your everyday routine and make you feel better. It has been studied, of course. So, for this Friday post, I challenge your imagination a little bit. Imagine what color would you like having in your room, and what colorful elements would you use. For a little inspiration, here are a few ideas.

                                      Louis XV Upholstered Ribbon Chair by Dransfield and Ross

Have a great weekend, guys,


24 Aug 2011


I don' know about you, but nowadays, in Bucharest the heat reached a high level and I am practically  anesthetized by it! I t feels like Africa. And on these hot days I can't think of anything more than a cozy and cool room where I can stay and read my books. Oh well,that is just  dream, of course.

            Oh, and yes, the bed placed near the window it's a delight. Especially when you have a view. And a dream catcher is a must. Who likes nightmares, anyway?

Another bed near a window, this time in another perception. 

                         What is better than a 5 o' clock tea, taken on your porch? I tell you, a 5 o' clock tea in the garden,or in the greenhouse. And if you have vintage furniture, the better.

       Well, this is a bit to modern for my romantic taste, but I surely like the view. And the blue painting. It is the best solution to animate a dull interior.


Oh, this is my dream tree house, or garden-house, you will say. The best place to retreat and enjoy a quiet summer afternoon. Damn! I really need this place! Now!

            I always and forever love the effect of a canopy in a bedroom. Of course, you will need a big bedroom to make an arrangement like this. But the blending between white and grey-blue is possible. Especially for small, narrow spaces like Romanian apartments.


What was I saying about tree houses? Well, I lied. This is it! :D Please, observe the structure. Doesn't it remind you of the indian's tents? I guess it has the same principle.

Hoping you have a chiller day than I do,
Kisses, Mara

22 Aug 2011

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       And now, let's get serious and admire some architecture. I forgot all about it for some weeks now and I feel like I have to catch up with everything new in my business. I found this spectacular house on http://www.archdaily.com/161360/villa-topoject-and/   and I can't take my eyes from it. You know, one of the most bothering thing for an architect is to try and integrate the construction into the site's image. Tough job, I tell you, because if you don't study enough the space and you don't "read" and "feel" the nature, you can easily fail in making a house that doesn't fit. And even if it is a remarcable work of architecture, it could look ugly just because it is a stranger to the site.
       Well, this house is near Seoul, Korea, in a mountain region. The hole house is hidden from the street tangent to it just from rising itself  like a slope-protection wall. With this effect, the AND team(the architects who have worked for the project) they could recreate an image, easily confused with the mountains nearby. If there weren't grey walls, you could say there is no house. The interior becomes exterior at a glimpse, the spaces being often separated by clear walls of glass.You can easily fall in the trap of the perspective and the game of surfaces and find yourself outside. Or inside.
     This project reminds me of a similar building, this time a hotel, done by our firm for a place in the Romanian mountains. The use of materials, wood and glass, vegetation planted in no ordinary places( on the roof), helps the building to hide itself and not interfere in the whole ambient.
    My question is, now, will ever Romanians learn that a house should blend in the site en NEVER, EVER be orange or pink, because the nature doesn't have those colors in big quantities? Well, I guess we are the ones to change people's perception and, why not, their education. So, good bye and good luck in achieving this.



"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close."
Pablo Neruda (100 Love Sonnets: Cien sonetos de amor)

   I think it is useless to say anything more. Pablo Neruda says it better. And this is how I feel after these fabulous 5 years near M. Tank you for being and thank you for all your patience.
  And here are a few photos from the anniversary, from the street and from the delicious restaurant Divan.

Have a lovely week,

19 Aug 2011


If I'd have to connect myself to a machine that would be able to read my mind, this is what it would find inside. :D My thoughts this moment of the year.

                                         The most relaxing naps ever: the afternoon naps, in a breezy room.

                                                      My summer bag, for some years now.
                                                          Of course, a big juicy ice cream.

                                    Colorful lanterns for my garden, probably symbolizing  my ideas.

Photos from http://citified.blogspot.com/ and http://cocokelley.blogspot.com

Have the most colorful weekend


18 Aug 2011


Sometimes I am one. A what?! A workaholic, of course. And the problem is that I like it. Yes, you can say I am a bit masochist. I like the results of a hard night work, in the morning, admiring the fresh printed projects, almost like watching fresh bread coming out of the oven. And that saying is right, that we, architects depend on the well behaving of the plotter and the quantity of toner. Oh and we are addicted to coffe or anything that helps us stay awake, and a good beer after the fatidic deadline day.

I had some workaholic days this week. And how do you know, it is not over yet. Damn! Today I have a stupid question, considering my 6 years of architecture university and the endless sleepless nights, but I can't help myself, I am curious: Do you usualy stay up at nights, working? And hou the hell do you stay awake? Do you have a secret beside coffee and junk food?
Tomorow we have a deadline, and I am the luckiest one, who managed to finish most part of the job! Yes, I am going to sleep a few hours more than the others. Four or five I think it's enough.:P

My boyfriend's working space, tonight mineee.:D

                           It would have been great that I had such dinner before starting working. Unfortunately it has been what we cooked a few weeks ago, and I found through my random photos.

     And this hasn't anything to do with an usual working night, but I couldn't hel myself taking a photo of my newest pair of rings, received from my mum. Thanks mum!

17 Aug 2011


Actually, it is Wednesday. Time has past  really quickly. I didn't even notice. My 4 spare days, haven't been free at all.  As I predicted, I had to help my folks, every each of them wanting some different stuff from me and my sister. I had to run to some building stores, to buy for my grandma some bathroom suplies, after shopping for her weekly groceries. Hell! I arrived yesterday evening wishing I never had legs. They hurt awfully. Oh well, and today I came to work more tired than I left, last Thursday. And I never had to finish my work for the buildings in the park and tomorrow I have a little deadline.

    I found though my fall fashion inspiration on J Crew, a nice online American store. So, I let you enjoying the immages, as I have to run and finish my work.
    Oh, and some late descovery from Zara. Better later than never, right? And some accesory mania: friendship bracelets, that I have worrn in my highschool and now they are again in fashion.