30 Apr 2011


Hope you have seen and enjoyed the Royal Wedding. It has been really a fairy tale! Elegant but not to ostentative, with a special charm that has been felt even through the TV screen. I loved the naturality of every movement and smile of the young couple. And Kate, although she is not breed as a royalty she surely shown that she can act like one easily.
I felt this particular wedding close to my heart as it was emanating naturality and youth.It sounds like a new beggining for the British Kingdom.

Long live royalty!!

25 Apr 2011

Easterish Monday

Now,I am watching "The roman holyday"and I am thinking of the wonderful days I have spent his year for the Easter Holyday.And here are some outfit photos too.I couldn't help miself playing with my boyfriend's new camera.:D


23 Apr 2011


Ok,I am officialy a lazy bone! Such a big lazy bone, that even the character in Ion Creanga's story wouldn't even compete with me. Actually, I had so much of work to do thist past 2 months, that I didn't have the energy to think about writing every evening.
But well,now it's almost Easter, we are in "THE BIG SATURDAY"asa we,Romanians call it, and I am in a cellebrating mood, although I don't have too many reasons. As you know, mys sister is still in Alghero and I kinda'miss her. Oh well, that's it!No more crying for me! I have found lately so many inspiration, that I can't tell all about it.:P
For example,this cute and clean blog(it is one of the few german blogs that I can discern:P) I would like to share, hoping it would be a helpfull inspiration for you as it'z been for me.

It is called http://www.herz-allerliebst.de/ and it has been a delight to browse it'z pages during a hard work day.This girl is inspired by everything in her house, and despite the fact that she has two little boys, everihing is WHITE AS SNOW! Amazing. I can't remember when I had my last pair of white jeans or a white table cloth! I can't make white, white! That's why, I really apreciate her effort.
So,I hope I gave you some ideas of how to immagine Easter, and I hope you have a lovely weekend, with lots of sun, flowers and good friends.