27 Mar 2012


Yes, I have been away! Away in the land of deadlines. And deadlines. I had 2 rough weeks but everything has ended well and I am back. I am back to share with you my thoughts and ideas. So, prepare for a new beginning. And I do have what to tell you. So, keep in touch!
And our latest projects coming up soon.;)

9 Mar 2012


 Thanks t my boyfriend's mum, I could enjoy this spring day at it's fullest. She had prepared, for this annual Romanian celebration 2 kind of cakes that represent the Mucenici , the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. It is a traditional holiday in Romania and Moldova. And I am proud to say that it is one of the last original holidays from my country along with Martisor. I also love the fact that from this day after, I can feel the spring aproaching more and more, no matter how cold it is.
Here, you have the before and after of the Moldavian like Mucenici. With honey, cinnamon and nuts. Delicious, I tell you! Don't ask me about the calories.:P

7 Mar 2012


Spring came,so my flower rush begun. Especially tulip rush. Love, love them. They are so Modernist.

 A Spring like living room. A bright color, lots of pillows and some  family portraits. And lots of light.

  The Spring kitchen. That green reminds of fresh plants in the garden. And a nice thing about it, are it's open cabinets. Good for exposing your cool china 

The Spring attic. White, with a touch of yellow, of course.

The Spring outdoor activity? Long bicycle rides.

This photo gives me new ideas for  reorganizing  our new office place. With fresh green. And the always present white.

 The Spring bathroom. Can you smell the roses?

Another Spring kitchen. Do you see the green too?:P 


In this bed, I could really get lost easily. And of course, a good book couldn't be better than on the light green bench. And flowers on granny's chair.

 Yes, this special place would be  great too for a light reading afternoon, along with some English tea. At five o'clock.

I call this "the pillow corner".  For those who love watching the rain.

And everybody knows that Spring doesn't last forever. But that doesn't mean that you can't have it in your house all year long. On the walls, why not?