28 Oct 2011


Well, this is a controversial subject for us,Romanians. We are in the middle of it: we don't know whether to celebrate it ( as it is not a Romanian or local celebration) or to pass over. I have to say, I don't agree with this holiday or the other one,of St V's but it is a good way to have fun, so, why not. Last year I organised such a Halloween party and I can say it was a total success. This year, I will pass it, and focus on the other true celebration in my family, my boyfriend's birthday, that by simple coincidence,is on the same 31st.:D Lucky him, ha?

So, I will make you a suggestion: why not try this year another way to carve you pumpkin? So, through my daily brousing look what I found on http://www.refinery29.com/  .Must say I never thought of these kind of pumpkin. Guess, I never was a real fashion obsessed. So, guys, what the hell do you think of these fashion interpreted pumpkins? Would you do something else?

 This is a Balmain inspired pumpkin, my favorite, actually.
 This I shouldn't say more, the sign on the pumpkin being obvious. Or, c'moon, for those not in the fashion business at all, It's a Louis Vuiton pumpkin.:P
 The Missoni pumpkin is a little bit to crazy for me, but it is a type.
 And the Miumiu pumpkin, reinterpreting the last collection for Ss 2012. Well, to glittery I must say.:P
And this one inspired of ... I will let you to guess the fashion item.:P

Have a spooky weekend,


27 Oct 2011


I don't know about the macarons making, but I surely found something else to do these days : wrapping papper handbags! I found this ideea on the internet and I wanted to try it out, and I can tell you it is a good way to recicle.:D Well, I started recycling my highschool notebooks for this first bagg. And this is what came out.:D Do not judge, it was my first try.:D

Good night and travel well,

22 Oct 2011


New things on my "to cook"list for next week: macarons making. :D I like giving myself chalanges from time to time.:D

kisses, and have a magnificent weekend,you all!

17 Oct 2011

This one goes to you, Toto

It's been a long, long month this one. And a sad one too. You probably were asking what has happened to me(or not) that I haven't been writing for so long. Well guys, I couldn't. I didn't have the strength, the inspiration. I had a hard time for the last couple of weeks. The worst thing is that I lost a very dear friend with whom I shared every important moments of my early life. It is Toto,my dear cat, which passed away after being very sick. For 2 weeks I haven't had time even to go to work, and eat. I tried, to save my kitty, along with my parents and my sister, but unfortunately, it was too late. I will always cherish the moments spent home,with Toto, the best calming pill ever. I will miss, his midnight  meowing, his "trips" to my bed, late at night, his fluffy face on the window, on a sunny day. I will miss his presence, that has always brought me peace and tranquility. And, guys, that is true, that a cat takes away your bad energies. At least mine did.

We will always happily remember you, Toto and we still miss you. Very much!!! And now,I want to share some photos of my dear cat ,Toto, with you, now.