31 Jan 2011


Yes guys, this is one of the fresh things. It is a new magazine(online for now) on architecture, art and everything related. It is a new aproach on this subject, everything being reformulated in the contemporary style.Nowadays, in Romania, art, architecture, urbanism, are not accorded such an importance as they should. People tend to forget that we need these kind of things to develop too, to look good because afterall, these are the things that soround us daily: houses,streets, parks.The Romanians tend to be a little more selfish than before, they no longer see but their own house and yard.Everything outside it, does no longer exist! This should be changed! Young people should learn how important is the ambient, the place they leave in and that they should respect it an try to preserve it as much as they can. Because afterall, this is what define us as a nation, as a collectivity.Everything that remains from the past is US.I trully hope that this magazine will succeed in opening people's minds as well as others, and I hope and wish it will be a success.
Good luck guys!


27 Jan 2011

Friday inspiration,forever inspiration

CHLOE!What more can I say? I simply love it's style! Simple, apparently dull, soft colors and sharp tailoring. This is CHLOE. And the new collection, follows the rules.The CHLOE rules. Just watch and repeat! The style! The CHLOE!!


photos from fashiongonerogue.com

25 Jan 2011

No subject_just wedding

Back!Sorry for being away for a week, but I had such a busy week, I couldn't even breath.
I've been to Cheia, a great place in our Carpatian mountains, for our big project, and it's been great! I totally advice you to try an hitchike there.The view is great, the air is so breathable and it's soooo quiet!Bothering quiet, if I am thinking.All my photos from there are at my working place,but I will try stealing a few to show you a bit, the atmosphere.
Since last post, winter came to Bucharest. Again. With lots of snow and cold. Real cold!
Well,I am a little stupid these days. Today isn't an exception. For that,I forgot my memory stick with all the nice information I wanted to share with you today. So, I will had to improve something.
These days,I am helping one of my best friends organizing her wedding.I was very honored and I started searching for ideas. My dream is to have my own organizing events firm someday.So, this came like a glove to me. For that, I am searching for ideas all over the place.The internet place, actually. And look what I found.

This is a very interesting site, I found during my researches.I find it very helpful, for all people,not just brides and housewives.It is simple and helpful.
And now a few nice ideas,that I will share with you.There are not my favourite, but in lack of others...remind your guests that they can't eat all the food.It's good for their shape. To help them, offer as wedding favor some measuring tapes. They will understand what to d with them. And if they are for charity, even better.

And for gadget lovers...Well, a memory stick. I would love such a favor. I never have enough memory sticks.I always lose them.

I promise that next post will be more fun and will be"me". Again.


13 Jan 2011


This is it! My IRISH GUINNESS PIE! It should't have looked like this but I guess this is the taste! Delicious. Well, for 1h 40 min cooking, it should be good, right?:p

12 Jan 2011

Russian 20th century experience

Nice little hats,right? I wasn't able to photo but these and another funny stuff from the exhibition, because, unfortunately we weren't alowed to do any photographs to those incredible costumes. It is a pitty! They were really beatiful and awfuly well preserved, considering they dated from the beggining of the 20th century.I hope you can make yourself an opinion just from the photos I posted last week and from today.

I don't think you remember(and I don't blame you for that), Ivan Biblin's children's books illustrations. I remember them very well, my parents being obsessed in buying their little girls(me and my sis, Alma) books that we wouldn't be able to read(they were in Russian, and I can say, at that time, we did'nt know how to read Romanian either), but they had very nice and inspiring pictures.No wonder,we became image-people.I was very impressed to find that the costumes we have seen were inspired from his illustrations.

The whole arrangement was very well made (it is obvoius that a French did it), the walls were all black, wich I liked most. It was, from far a great way of emphasizing the clothes and giving them a bigger importance. Brilliant! Now,enjoy more photos from the games presented there, based on the exhibition ideea.


11 Jan 2011

Things to consider this year 2

IKEA. I guess you all know it! That place that offers you furniture at low prices but with not so much perspectives. I am evil, I admit. And a little bit hipocrit. I also have some items from the specified store.But I try my best to avoid it. I promise.
Well, these days, wondering about on blogs and on the internet, I found a Swedish inspiration. At last! Well, I won't lie to you, "unfortunately", it is not Ikea. No. It is better. It is vintage! I love vintage stuff(probably this something inherited from my parents, big collectors of old and precious things, each with its wonderful story. I thing I have houndreds of stories gathered in my 3 rooms-apartment. This is what I love about it! Its stories. Well, this Swedish inspiration is quite the same. It tells a lot of stories in one snapshot.So, ladies and gentlemen...Enjoy!!

photos via http://www.husohem.se/

P.S.:Tomorrow, a post from my lovely weekned. Cultural weekend.;)
P.S.1:Oh, and a so called "fashion post":my new pair of funky-cozy-smurffy slippers:


7 Jan 2011


This weekend I have big plans! Big plans for my cultural life! I consider to visit one exhibition that I dream about for weeks, and now, it is comming to an end and I won't forget myself if I will miss it! An exhibition full of immagination and style. Comming right from the beggining of the 20th century! Ok,ok, ready with the mistery. It is about russian balet costumes! Isn't that wonderful? I hardly wait to see it! I will drag my boyfriend there(I did'n tell him yet about my cultural ideea) even if he doesn't want it!
So,here are a few pics before the grand show.Enjoy!

Russian gentleman's costume from Snegurocika


Oh, and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


Pictures from http://www.cotidianul.ro/129643-Costume-somptuoase-ilustrand-povesti-rusesti

4 Jan 2011

Things to consider this year 1

Since today I was immobilized indoors,because of a nasty flu, and because our boss was kind enough to let us work from home(luckyly we are architects ,so in a way a little bit of freelancers)I had time thinking of things that would inspire me through this new year. As I stood all day with my nose in front of the computer, for one, beacause I needed to find information for my newest office project: A resort in Cheia,a really nice part of the country, and second, that I wanted to find my 2011 inspiration. So,ladies and gentlemen, these are my nominees.

A "mirror, mirror on the wall" can give the home a really nice twist. The trick is to choose it a little bit different than the rest of the room.It will advertise herself and the whole interior. I chose for example,this nice rococo style, used in antithesis with the whole arrangement, but feels still like it was ment to be there.
Another obsession of mine are pictures and paintings.I consider that a house without paintings(you can understand here children paintings too), is a lady without accessories.It doesn't have the personlity of it's owner anywhere.I am the adept of compositions made from picture frames, and I would use many and various ones to create one big immage on a room's wall.

The very next thing that will guide me this year, in fashion this time, is the so called "trench".I personally consider this item a very ellegant one, and also very casual, depending on how you want to look like.Of course, the ultimate choice is the Burberry trench. Well, if I am thinking a little bit, I can say that I totally love the Burbarry bag in the photo, so I would make it may "guiding 2011 item"too. Luckyly there are no more" fashion things" in this immage, because I would probably consider them "must-haves".

Oh well,we have reached my favourite part.The dressing.If it was for me to decide,I would make a whole room of my apartment a storing place for my clothes, shoes and accessories.But since I am still "sharing"the appartment with my parents, that would probably be impossible.If I had this entire place,I would probably chose the "see the clothes" option.In that case I will always find what I am looking for.

Well,this is my ideal desk. This represents my ideea of a "working space". Pure and simple...elegant and neat.See the frames I was talking before? They really give the space a different perspective, arranged like this.

And in the end, for all of you, crazy gadget people, an interesting idea that I didn' know it existed. Till now.


3 Jan 2011


Happy,happy. This is how a new year starts. Mine is an usual one. Just happy .Happy for a new beggining, happy for a new me. Well,at least I hope so. The "new me" means a new beggining for my blog. So, I wish my blog a long and lasting life, longer than the other one. I will post thoughts and immages of my mind and I hope that I will have the pleasure to share them with you.
For this "happy new beggining" I want to change for the best. Well,Mara, who doesn't? I wish I change the world and make it a better place to be! If I were the USA president! But
I am not, so I will stick to mi ''ímmortal" "to do's". Every year I tell miself to be a better person, a more understanding daughter and friend.Most of the time I succed. At least I think so. This year is not different but this year I have in plan to be on the first place. This year is mine! So I am my blog,I am my new pair of shoes, my new dress bought in a vintage store, my cat, my terrible messy but cozy and calourfull room, my job, my hollydays, my bells collection, my music...my whole life!