25 Jun 2012


This is our team's first interior design project. First images with the"before". More impressions coming soon.

22 Jun 2012


Hoping this weekend the temperatures will drop a little, I am dreaming of having breakfast on this balcony. Wouldn't you too?
Have a great weekend!

21 Jun 2012


Like any other years, I couldn't miss this one. I couldn't miss Street Delivery. It is one of the many nice events that happen in Bucharest for a couple of years. Full of color, happy people, children and nice events, it always bring me that necessary state of joy that I need these days. Someone came with this brilliant idea of closing one of the city center streets( Arthur Verona) and  organize lots of workshops on how to save the urban spaces we still have, on architecture, on creating lots of fun things. Everything accompanied with good music and lemonade. So, we've gathered, along with mum and last Sunday attacked the closed street. These are a few snap shots we've made to understand a little what was going on there.

 Children really had a great time at the pot making workshop. What do you think?

 It's fun seeing grownups still playing like children. 

 Some of the murals. Fun like always.

 And the blank wall from the street, this time a tribute to the city. Not a polluted one anyway.

 Silk scarves hang from trees giving a very romantic and Turkish atmosphere.

 Yap, that's the name alright!

.Couldn't help myself. :P

A quick nap between fun and... fun. Cute, isn't he?:P

 Mum was really enjoying herself.

 Car full of books. My type.

 After beer...art.:D

People enjoying everywhere.

And after that... taking a nap.

12 Jun 2012


I can't say that I am a big H&M fan for their previous collaboration with Versace (I find them a bit kitchy) but this Martin Margiela thing makes me quite happy. Hope you feel the same and... it's long time till November, isn't it?:(

10 Jun 2012


These past days have been awful, here in Bucharest due to the hot weather nobody expected. Last week we had rain every single day and 15 degrees, and now it is sunny and over 30. Horrible! Because of that we decided not to hang out too much. Instead of walking in the sun, we relaxed a bit by making some fruit cups. Nothing more than some cream, strawberries and some cognac for the flavor. Perfect for a hot day of summer. Bonne appetit!

Photos by me and Mihnea.

2 Jun 2012


You remember those stupid little drawings that children make while experimenting first drawing lessons. I bet you had them too in your portfolio. My new passion are children books. Nicely drawn and intelligent children books. My first on the list is VISE DESPRE CASE by Eliza Yokina http://www.arhiforum.ro/agora/vise-despre-case. It is a graphic book, with black and white drawings. Simple, but a good way to start the architectural education of a child. Children become aware of  the built space and get to appreciate it when they grow up. So, I am on my way to make my children books library! Wish me luck!


 The best puzzle ever! The Sidney Opera House. Present got from my boss. Thanks boss!I know my birthday has been almost a month ago, but I had to share a few things that I am so thrilled about.

 1 month old shoes. Birthday present from myself. The best flats of mine so far. From the nice Ana -Maria from PPRO ALEX

Celebrated Italy's national day earlier this year. Started with an Italian ice cream at the Italian Institute.