28 Feb 2012


Earlier today, I was talking( I don't know how many of you heard me) about the neon power that seems to used nowadays in design, clothes etc. And, of course my search, didn't end there. I found new designers that change the image of usual furniture or objects.
On the Voos Furniture site, I found a very simple but efficient adaptation of a chair.Conform chair by William Lee. Just a frame and a woven elastic fabric that  is stretched over it, resembling a meshed canvas. It looks austere, but it has a connection with the human body that fills it, molding itself . But if you want this chair you will have to buy both of them, when not used, they form a singular metal frame. They are a whole. See for yourself.

Yes, and they have that touch of neon, I  was talking about. Cool enough for you?
Found here


Yes, that's right, I can feel it! It is here! Spring is here! How can I tell it? Well, the sun is up in the sky, for one thing, it is almost March and I can see flowers everywhere!! Even in my room! So, if the spring is almost here, and bad weather and snow seem to finally go away, I have a new obsession, that would probably take me till autumn: neon colors. In wright proportions, of course. I found some really nice ideas of interior designs based on neon colors and, of course, I will share them with you. 
Some may find them kitchy, but I tell you, if you try adding some color to your interiors, 1% at the beginning, you will be able to create a brand new image to your house. Or to your outfits, why not?

Well,neon chairs are a bit too much for the beginners. But still, fun to add to a living room. The effect is guaranteed. 

These little ones are the latest from The Bakery Studio in Telaviv. Fun and easy to wear.;P http://www.bakery-design.com/#/About

These little stools are my favoritr. I imagine them in my kitchen. Does it smell like a DIY ideea, to you?:D Oh, these ones are from Claire-Anne O’Brien  http://www.claireanneobrien.com/

27 Feb 2012


   They finally said YES. And it's no doubt about that. I have been there, along with other friends and family. Yes, Roxanne and Bogdan got married. Officially. With signing and all the rest. They have become The Mosoius. At least, in front of the state. Round two, in May. Hardly wait for that to come. I see a great party coming. 

See? I have the proof! Him signing.

 And her, signing.

 And the happy married couple!!

 And  half of the bridesmades. I am proud to be one of them.

And The Iordaches. Happy  and smiling as always. Aren't they the cutest?:P

    So, guys, you probably know that we all love you and wish you the best married life ever ! So, PEACE, LOVE AND PROSPERITY. That is so Feng Shui  of me.:P

19 Feb 2012


Had another winter weekend. Nothing special, nothing new, just some snow, still lots of snow actually, chocolate (good chocolate) and coffee, of course.

 This is how Bucharest looks like in the middle of February. Still full of snow. Not my type,actually.

 Even the statues are covered in snow. This one is a famous one, in front of The Comedy Theatre.

 Dambovita River has never looked better:P

This is the first black chocolate I could ever eat! It is brilliant with it's blueberries and flower petals. Mmmm...

And more chocolate. And a good book. 

Mum's special cake with my favorite green plates.:D Hip.

And now, meet Oscar, dad's enemy. Aaaa, I mean, cat.:P Yes, and it comes from Oscar...Oscar Neiemeyer. The architect.:P

And cute stuff from my phone. From the weekly round in Auchan, the local market.

And you'd better have a lovely beginning of the week. ;)

14 Feb 2012


For 24 years now, 13th February is not bad luck. At least, for me. For 24 years, I have been lucky enough to have the best SISTER, friend and confident . For that, I thank my little sis, Alma. Happy intelligent, inspirational and adventurous years, my dear sis!!! 

8 Feb 2012


 It's almost Thursday, but still, this are my outfit inspirations for this week.:P
 A nice indian like skirt. Good for spring, though.
 The shape, the belt, the...black. i don't know what I like most.
 This is definetly the black I like. And the splash o fgold. A little to much of this, but...
 Sun glasses? Erings? It's your choice. Be careful though not to look like your grandma.:P

 Show me something striped and I die! Show me beije and I die again.

 Did I tell you that I have a fetish? Yes, it is called: RINGS. This hedgehog is among them.
 And now, ladies and gents, the funniest sweatter ever. Mabe, if I was 15 years older I would have killed for it. Now, I just want to... make it!:))
 And yes, maybe gold is my other fetish. 

Another easy to make thing. This two faced clutch challenges me.
 A preiew of my future handbag. If I only knew where it came from...
A bag that I have, but want in all the possible colors. What!? I just love the model.

Finds from here.

5 Feb 2012


 Spent the whole weekend in doors. Outside it's still freezing and snowing and raining...I don't want ti immagine how I could manage to get to work tomorrow morning. My mind doesn't want to think about that. My bf and I tried some modiffications around the room and tried some snaphots the whole afternoon. His mom made us some delicius doughnuts that we instantly attacked. Half of them have dissapeared already. :P Now, I hope for a hot chocolate and a good book, to end the week in a relaxed tone.

4 Feb 2012


Last night we celebrated our sweet friend, Roxana, for her birthday, at our new favourite place, called  "Papiota"wich means "The spool". It is the remaking of a tailor's shop, in the same way as Mechanical athelier,
and by the same architect, Corvin Cristian. Again, such a good job. 
All in all, we had a great time, drinking wine and chilling, from the blizzard outside. Auful weather these days in Bucharest. Hardly wait for the spring.

 The birthday girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!:*

 The bar area, softly lighted and exposing the spools of thread.And of course, old style chairs.

 The gang, discussing at a glass of wine.

 And the couple of the year.:P

 Me, fooling around in the snow.

 The gang, playing in the snow. Fun,fun,fun!

Lipscani Str. at night, covered in snow. Nice photo, honey. ;)

Can't get enough fun in the snow. You can risk being attacked by your friends. All the time.:P