15 Nov 2012


Well it was normal to start somewhere. I am starting to get the mummy feeling and of course, I've been starting researching for DIY ideas to make for the muffin to come. It seems I will have a couple of creative months ahead. Hardly wait. 
I haven't laid my hand on toys for a long time now, since I have given away my stuffed animals collection. So, now, I have to take it all over again.But this time, by making them, creating them from scratch. Meanwhile, I am researching and find really cool and inspirational stuff all over the Internet. Thank you oh Mighty Internet!!!So, this is a little selection: 

These cute little "stuffs" are called BAMBAKS and they are found on http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Bambaks . Got to try them out.:D

The owls are in trend these days, so, take a look at these snoring ones from  http://en.dawanda.com/product/33237689-Greifling-Eulen-Babies-Ennio-Erica

The little one should learn counting sheep if you want to get a good sleep at night.For that, these flying sheep are perfect. Collect them from http://en.dawanda.com/shop/baraqada?order=newest_products&page=1#products

And from there, you can achieve this upside down bunny. Funky, right?

This is my toy list for today! DIY toys. More to come!;) Have a lovely Thursday!!! 

12 Nov 2012


Due to the whole bunch of changes that have been happening in my life lately, I had the urge to change something about my "first child". You can easily see for yourself. What do you think? The image is from the National Cluj Arena, taken a few months ago. It's one of my favorite piece of architecture, here, in Romania.


After a loooong,looong break, I even don't know why I took it so long. Maybe is still the autumn asthenia. Or I was just too lazy.:D Oh well, I came back. I hope. For my fans!:)) 
For today's issue, I suggest some design. Chair design. After the Eames exhibition, here in Bucharest, I have become more fond of chair design. And I have started a big search on this. I have made a selection and here is what I came up with: 

Chair by Jon Bjornsson. See the triangle inspiration again and again. As you probably know, it is the most stable element. You can create almost anything using it.

 Talking about motherhood the last post, this would be a perfect rocking chair for a hip nursery. It's a Winsor Rocker. 

 This image is probably familiar to you. Yes, it resembles Gaudi's works. Actually, This chair is inspired from his way of creating the arches for his Churches. The surface is of carbonfiber, the ribs are made of glass-filled nylon, by selective laser sintering. Of course, it has been generated by a software script.

 Another parametric image brought by United Nude under the name of Lo res Chair. You could easily fall for it and maybe confuse this chair for a sculpture. 2 in 1.

 I have always been mesmerized of how wood can be brought to such an image and shape. It is laminated wood and this magnificent chair is the creation of Andreas Lund Designs. 

Is this chair stable? I can't possibly tell you, but I certainly would try it. If it wouldn't have been for the visible white frame, You could probably confuse it to a ghost chair.Or to a very handy spider's work. The name of this masterpiece is Panton Chair and it's made by Jump Studios.

See you next time,with more design inspiration. More inspired than the one today. Have a great week!!