20 Dec 2012


Bucharest, ready for Christmas. They say that the Central Square looks like the Christmas Fair in Wienn. Well, that is to discuss.

The Christmas tree was at least interesting. Seemed handmade.
Bubu, the family dog, enjoying the first snow. Hope so.:P

First present this year, from our dear Roxanne.

17 Dec 2012


Every year, when Christmas holidays are approaching I have an unexpected wish and joy for cooking. Well,maybe experimenting, more than cooking. I love making every sort of cookies, cakes and strange dishes with pig. What am I going to cook this year? I don't know yet. I am letting me go with the flow.Till when I will reveal my Christmas dinner menu, here are some fine ideas for the sweet part of it.

Some carefully decorated cookie Christmas trees, for your elegant dinner table, or why not, for the Christmas tree itself.

 Who wouldn't like some cookie stars, with sugar spread all over? I know I wouldn't mind. Especially with my latest cravings.:D

 Some festive cupcakes, wrapped ethereal in...backing paper. Yes, they look quite elegant, don't they?

 The omnipresent Gingerbread man. In a well wrapped tin case.

 The pie. Always the pie.A star pie!:D

Talking about stars, why not trying some stars as a present for your loved ones. They surely will appreciate your homemade gifts.

15 Dec 2012


For the weekend, something light. If you didn't know what to do with all those Christmas cards you received    the years before. Make yourself some ornaments. Like this little one.

Photo via http://pinterest.com

13 Dec 2012


 If you happen to be in Bucharest the next weekend, I would suggest some winter getaways. Of course those activities need getting out of the house and maybe the almost fallen snow will make you stay indoors. But if you decide getting out, I have some fun ideas.

First, you should definitely  try to visit the fairs at MTR(The Peasant's Museum). It is a must feel experience and I am telling you from my own. Visiting the fair  this time of year has become a tradition in our family, and I enjoy it very much. You can find traditional handmade objects, traditional food and drinks and a traditional atmosphere. So, enjoy it with all it's boiled tuica scent!

 Well, I know this fair is one week apart, but I felt to tell you about it. Lately, there have been lots of expositions on Romanian genuine design, which I like very much. At last, the Romanian designer is being taken in serious and promoted! So, if you want to make a special designer gift to the ones you love, feel free to visit it.

And talking about designers, Romanian designers, please check in at The Ark, this time happening this weekend, and visit Marche de Noel. And maybe invest some money on good Romanian designers proposals. I sure will be there.Between 10-20.
And last but not least, there is the omnipresent Carturesti Fair. If you are a client of this well known library, you know all about it. Carturesti is a place where you can find anything, from books, to music cd-s, movies, tea and accessories and very nice and cozy stuff. I hope this will make you take a break from your daily routine and jump in one of these fairs. You won't regret it. Well, maybe just your wallet.:P

12 Dec 2012


Yes, this name sounds quite strange, as the joules they create. The team, Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega, two colleagues at a scientist college, came up with this plastic crystals while shopping in a garment district. You can see for yourselves the result: 


I don't know why, but everyone is talking about this. 12.12.2012. They say it is a special day. Well, just because it is the same number three times? I don't get it. Or people want to celebrate everything no matter how stupid that is?Yeah, that's the problem of the day, beside the new Parliament issues and the soon coming end of the world. Shishh...Are people bored, or what? I won't let anything of these change my state of mind these days! Although I am not passing quite a nice time of my life, I am happy. Yes, I am happy, although there is a big crisis and my job is not needed anymore, although I am having hard time understanding my parents(feels like in teenage time again) etc. etc. I am happy because Christmas is coming and I just found out that I will be the mum of a baby girl! I wish time passes quickly because I am anxious to meet her! The big problem though is that we had had prepared very well a beautiful boy's name, remaining to think more on a girl's. And we were taken by surprise. It's tough! But we'll manage. 

Till then, I will entertain you with another countdown image. Let's make some, then!

11 Dec 2012


I bet you have this mold. Yes, the mold for cookies. This is what you can try for Christmas day breakfast. Some star sandwiches. What you put inside it's at your choice. Anything festive.

6 Dec 2012


To get the Christmas spirit, I suggest indulging yourselves with some hot, deadly sweet hot chocolate, and a good mind blowing book.

5 Dec 2012


For today's inspiration I suggest this 3D Christmas card. It reminds me of my mum's cards that were made in the same way. I will look for them and show you. I also love the rustic combination between a tin can and the precious Christmas globe.

4 Dec 2012


I know it is still early,but my Christmasy spirit was activated! Yup! Here we go again! Gaudeamus Book fair always revives the Christmas spirit in me. Each time I visit it, each year, I usually don't get out of there bear handed. This year was a special one, thanks to my latest crave for buying children books. So, I started my collection(well,it has been started long time ago by my parents when they bought some Russian story books, very nicely illustrated) with "Zana zorilor"( The fairy of the dawn) veeryyy beautiful drawn bu Madalina Andronic(http://the-awesome-project.tumblr.com/). I have been dreaming of it for so long, and now I had the chance and the motif to buy it! So, little baby, you will be the happy owner of the hugest story book collection ever!
I think I am starting to talk too much ( maybe it's a pregnancy  cause) and I am missing the point. Of course I started collecting ideas and images, old and new, for this year's Christmas presents . So, first list is for a SHE. Full of joy, white and clean.

Like these little, white, paper like porcelain lighted houses for a great centerpiece. That would really make every guest envy.:D Shop them from here.

Just remembered mum's old teddy bear and felt the urge to search for a traditional one. And look, I found it! As fluffy and cool as always. Right from here. Trust me, no girl will refuse it.;)

 A brilliant hand painted and made ceramic collar from http://the-awesome-project.tumblr.com/ This is on my wish list too, by the way.;)

For a trendy and devoted cook. A funky glove from http://www.ikea.com/ro/ro/catalog/products/50224026/

15 Nov 2012


Well it was normal to start somewhere. I am starting to get the mummy feeling and of course, I've been starting researching for DIY ideas to make for the muffin to come. It seems I will have a couple of creative months ahead. Hardly wait. 
I haven't laid my hand on toys for a long time now, since I have given away my stuffed animals collection. So, now, I have to take it all over again.But this time, by making them, creating them from scratch. Meanwhile, I am researching and find really cool and inspirational stuff all over the Internet. Thank you oh Mighty Internet!!!So, this is a little selection: 

These cute little "stuffs" are called BAMBAKS and they are found on http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Bambaks . Got to try them out.:D

The owls are in trend these days, so, take a look at these snoring ones from  http://en.dawanda.com/product/33237689-Greifling-Eulen-Babies-Ennio-Erica

The little one should learn counting sheep if you want to get a good sleep at night.For that, these flying sheep are perfect. Collect them from http://en.dawanda.com/shop/baraqada?order=newest_products&page=1#products

And from there, you can achieve this upside down bunny. Funky, right?

This is my toy list for today! DIY toys. More to come!;) Have a lovely Thursday!!! 

12 Nov 2012


Due to the whole bunch of changes that have been happening in my life lately, I had the urge to change something about my "first child". You can easily see for yourself. What do you think? The image is from the National Cluj Arena, taken a few months ago. It's one of my favorite piece of architecture, here, in Romania.


After a loooong,looong break, I even don't know why I took it so long. Maybe is still the autumn asthenia. Or I was just too lazy.:D Oh well, I came back. I hope. For my fans!:)) 
For today's issue, I suggest some design. Chair design. After the Eames exhibition, here in Bucharest, I have become more fond of chair design. And I have started a big search on this. I have made a selection and here is what I came up with: 

Chair by Jon Bjornsson. See the triangle inspiration again and again. As you probably know, it is the most stable element. You can create almost anything using it.

 Talking about motherhood the last post, this would be a perfect rocking chair for a hip nursery. It's a Winsor Rocker. 

 This image is probably familiar to you. Yes, it resembles Gaudi's works. Actually, This chair is inspired from his way of creating the arches for his Churches. The surface is of carbonfiber, the ribs are made of glass-filled nylon, by selective laser sintering. Of course, it has been generated by a software script.

 Another parametric image brought by United Nude under the name of Lo res Chair. You could easily fall for it and maybe confuse this chair for a sculpture. 2 in 1.

 I have always been mesmerized of how wood can be brought to such an image and shape. It is laminated wood and this magnificent chair is the creation of Andreas Lund Designs. 

Is this chair stable? I can't possibly tell you, but I certainly would try it. If it wouldn't have been for the visible white frame, You could probably confuse it to a ghost chair.Or to a very handy spider's work. The name of this masterpiece is Panton Chair and it's made by Jump Studios.

See you next time,with more design inspiration. More inspired than the one today. Have a great week!!

30 Oct 2012


Oh well, I know I have over reacted letting you wait so long for the news. I  really didn't have to much time, and because of the "issue" I go to sleep very early at night. So, the new is that in a few months, exactly 6, we will be the proud "owners" of  some baby feet. And not only that, but of a whole  baby!! I still can't believe it, I am trying to accommodate with the idea and with the fact that I will be a mum. Jeesus! Mum! Strong word, right? 
So, after 11 weeks I can say I am feeling quite well, didn't experienced morning sickness, moodiness and I don't think I have gained to much pounds. Yet. Hope everything will turn out fine till the end and  I will be able to keep you up too date with the events. The most important ones. 

26 Oct 2012


Honestly, I like to keep people in waiting. Muahaha! I know, I am kind of evil sometimes. And I like that! So prepare for the greatest news ever! 

28 Sep 2012


There's no doubt. I am obsessed about stripes. Very obsessed. I guess this madness comes from my childhood, from my dad's striped t-shirt. He really looked like a sailor.:P Later, I could inherit his t-shirt, and I wore it as a dress. And since then, I enjoy them. So,here is a little selection of stripes. In fashion and in the home. 

 I could easily say this is the perfect dress.

 Black stripes on a wall. Perfect if you want to have a longer room.

 For a vintage effect? Some vintage stripes, of course.

 Vertical gray stripes in a bathroom. As in the Architectural Digest proposal.

 Stripes in the hallway.

 Stripe son a sofa, near the window.

 Again, stripes in the hallway. This time to emphasize a very designish element.

 Pastel stripes in the hallway, for a plus of confort.

 Stripes in the window.

 Stripes in children's bedroom. Again, to enlarge the image of a small room.

 Stripes in the kitchen window for the curious eyes of neighbors.

 A striped rug. For a longer kitchen, this time.
 Stripes on walls. As art.

And finally, stripes on the sofa. For that IT design object in your house.