24 Jul 2011


You won's see this immage very often.:P Him,drinking beer.

Some outfit immages. And my new Meli Melo sales bracelet, and Alma's trousers,and Asos bag, vintage jacket,Mango t-shirt and my lovely neon green sneakers. :P And no, I am not crazy, "my mum got me tested", but I can't explain that boom of color om me.:p

And you can actualy seat on the grass in the Unirii park! Well, that's new.:D

And the almost finished cultural mall. Hardly wait to see it!:D

In this very moment I wish I wa somewhere far away. Maybe on a beach in Sardinia or climbing a mountain. Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment so I try to replace these hollyday activities with something local. We got out of the house to get to an urban event in the historical centre of Bucharest, but we got somewherelse.A few months ago, Maria came up with a hanging out place for the Thursday Girl meeting. It is called"The mechanic workshop"("Atelier mecanic") and it's a really inspiring place inspired by the communist workshops. It has a very ingenious design, every ellement of this pub being taken from old factories, maybe from people's "communist collections" to create the athmosphere. The tables are simple engines with table top and the bar counter has a big wooden countertop. All the decorative objects are elements comming from a crane, old posters representing the "working class heroes" and many more things from that time.
Here you can have a great unfiltered beer, a cup of coffe or tea in vintage and cute cups, and lots of other funny things like limonade with cucumbers and mint(yaammm). They also have food inspired from the lunches served by the workers those days, like cheese and tomatoes.Mmmm. Who wouldn't like that. All in all we had a great time, we had a great beer,we also remembered old times spent with our granparents (I just came from a 2 days trip in the countryside and I remembered my childhood spent there).
"Atelier mecanic" it's a small place to hang out but it deffenetly made a stand now, when the whole historical center has been studded with dozens of bars and clubs. Oh and of course it looks good. It has been designed by an architect. :P

Have a nice end of the weekend,


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