30 Oct 2012


Oh well, I know I have over reacted letting you wait so long for the news. I  really didn't have to much time, and because of the "issue" I go to sleep very early at night. So, the new is that in a few months, exactly 6, we will be the proud "owners" of  some baby feet. And not only that, but of a whole  baby!! I still can't believe it, I am trying to accommodate with the idea and with the fact that I will be a mum. Jeesus! Mum! Strong word, right? 
So, after 11 weeks I can say I am feeling quite well, didn't experienced morning sickness, moodiness and I don't think I have gained to much pounds. Yet. Hope everything will turn out fine till the end and  I will be able to keep you up too date with the events. The most important ones. 

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