12 Dec 2012


I don't know why, but everyone is talking about this. 12.12.2012. They say it is a special day. Well, just because it is the same number three times? I don't get it. Or people want to celebrate everything no matter how stupid that is?Yeah, that's the problem of the day, beside the new Parliament issues and the soon coming end of the world. Shishh...Are people bored, or what? I won't let anything of these change my state of mind these days! Although I am not passing quite a nice time of my life, I am happy. Yes, I am happy, although there is a big crisis and my job is not needed anymore, although I am having hard time understanding my parents(feels like in teenage time again) etc. etc. I am happy because Christmas is coming and I just found out that I will be the mum of a baby girl! I wish time passes quickly because I am anxious to meet her! The big problem though is that we had had prepared very well a beautiful boy's name, remaining to think more on a girl's. And we were taken by surprise. It's tough! But we'll manage. 

Till then, I will entertain you with another countdown image. Let's make some, then!

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