13 Dec 2012


 If you happen to be in Bucharest the next weekend, I would suggest some winter getaways. Of course those activities need getting out of the house and maybe the almost fallen snow will make you stay indoors. But if you decide getting out, I have some fun ideas.

First, you should definitely  try to visit the fairs at MTR(The Peasant's Museum). It is a must feel experience and I am telling you from my own. Visiting the fair  this time of year has become a tradition in our family, and I enjoy it very much. You can find traditional handmade objects, traditional food and drinks and a traditional atmosphere. So, enjoy it with all it's boiled tuica scent!

 Well, I know this fair is one week apart, but I felt to tell you about it. Lately, there have been lots of expositions on Romanian genuine design, which I like very much. At last, the Romanian designer is being taken in serious and promoted! So, if you want to make a special designer gift to the ones you love, feel free to visit it.

And talking about designers, Romanian designers, please check in at The Ark, this time happening this weekend, and visit Marche de Noel. And maybe invest some money on good Romanian designers proposals. I sure will be there.Between 10-20.
And last but not least, there is the omnipresent Carturesti Fair. If you are a client of this well known library, you know all about it. Carturesti is a place where you can find anything, from books, to music cd-s, movies, tea and accessories and very nice and cozy stuff. I hope this will make you take a break from your daily routine and jump in one of these fairs. You won't regret it. Well, maybe just your wallet.:P

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