17 Dec 2012


Every year, when Christmas holidays are approaching I have an unexpected wish and joy for cooking. Well,maybe experimenting, more than cooking. I love making every sort of cookies, cakes and strange dishes with pig. What am I going to cook this year? I don't know yet. I am letting me go with the flow.Till when I will reveal my Christmas dinner menu, here are some fine ideas for the sweet part of it.

Some carefully decorated cookie Christmas trees, for your elegant dinner table, or why not, for the Christmas tree itself.

 Who wouldn't like some cookie stars, with sugar spread all over? I know I wouldn't mind. Especially with my latest cravings.:D

 Some festive cupcakes, wrapped ethereal in...backing paper. Yes, they look quite elegant, don't they?

 The omnipresent Gingerbread man. In a well wrapped tin case.

 The pie. Always the pie.A star pie!:D

Talking about stars, why not trying some stars as a present for your loved ones. They surely will appreciate your homemade gifts.

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