28 Sep 2012


There's no doubt. I am obsessed about stripes. Very obsessed. I guess this madness comes from my childhood, from my dad's striped t-shirt. He really looked like a sailor.:P Later, I could inherit his t-shirt, and I wore it as a dress. And since then, I enjoy them. So,here is a little selection of stripes. In fashion and in the home. 

 I could easily say this is the perfect dress.

 Black stripes on a wall. Perfect if you want to have a longer room.

 For a vintage effect? Some vintage stripes, of course.

 Vertical gray stripes in a bathroom. As in the Architectural Digest proposal.

 Stripes in the hallway.

 Stripe son a sofa, near the window.

 Again, stripes in the hallway. This time to emphasize a very designish element.

 Pastel stripes in the hallway, for a plus of confort.

 Stripes in the window.

 Stripes in children's bedroom. Again, to enlarge the image of a small room.

 Stripes in the kitchen window for the curious eyes of neighbors.

 A striped rug. For a longer kitchen, this time.
 Stripes on walls. As art.

And finally, stripes on the sofa. For that IT design object in your house.

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