4 Dec 2012


I know it is still early,but my Christmasy spirit was activated! Yup! Here we go again! Gaudeamus Book fair always revives the Christmas spirit in me. Each time I visit it, each year, I usually don't get out of there bear handed. This year was a special one, thanks to my latest crave for buying children books. So, I started my collection(well,it has been started long time ago by my parents when they bought some Russian story books, very nicely illustrated) with "Zana zorilor"( The fairy of the dawn) veeryyy beautiful drawn bu Madalina Andronic(http://the-awesome-project.tumblr.com/). I have been dreaming of it for so long, and now I had the chance and the motif to buy it! So, little baby, you will be the happy owner of the hugest story book collection ever!
I think I am starting to talk too much ( maybe it's a pregnancy  cause) and I am missing the point. Of course I started collecting ideas and images, old and new, for this year's Christmas presents . So, first list is for a SHE. Full of joy, white and clean.

Like these little, white, paper like porcelain lighted houses for a great centerpiece. That would really make every guest envy.:D Shop them from here.

Just remembered mum's old teddy bear and felt the urge to search for a traditional one. And look, I found it! As fluffy and cool as always. Right from here. Trust me, no girl will refuse it.;)

 A brilliant hand painted and made ceramic collar from http://the-awesome-project.tumblr.com/ This is on my wish list too, by the way.;)

For a trendy and devoted cook. A funky glove from http://www.ikea.com/ro/ro/catalog/products/50224026/

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