18 Aug 2011


Sometimes I am one. A what?! A workaholic, of course. And the problem is that I like it. Yes, you can say I am a bit masochist. I like the results of a hard night work, in the morning, admiring the fresh printed projects, almost like watching fresh bread coming out of the oven. And that saying is right, that we, architects depend on the well behaving of the plotter and the quantity of toner. Oh and we are addicted to coffe or anything that helps us stay awake, and a good beer after the fatidic deadline day.

I had some workaholic days this week. And how do you know, it is not over yet. Damn! Today I have a stupid question, considering my 6 years of architecture university and the endless sleepless nights, but I can't help myself, I am curious: Do you usualy stay up at nights, working? And hou the hell do you stay awake? Do you have a secret beside coffee and junk food?
Tomorow we have a deadline, and I am the luckiest one, who managed to finish most part of the job! Yes, I am going to sleep a few hours more than the others. Four or five I think it's enough.:P

My boyfriend's working space, tonight mineee.:D

                           It would have been great that I had such dinner before starting working. Unfortunately it has been what we cooked a few weeks ago, and I found through my random photos.

     And this hasn't anything to do with an usual working night, but I couldn't hel myself taking a photo of my newest pair of rings, received from my mum. Thanks mum!

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