24 Aug 2011


I don' know about you, but nowadays, in Bucharest the heat reached a high level and I am practically  anesthetized by it! I t feels like Africa. And on these hot days I can't think of anything more than a cozy and cool room where I can stay and read my books. Oh well,that is just  dream, of course.

            Oh, and yes, the bed placed near the window it's a delight. Especially when you have a view. And a dream catcher is a must. Who likes nightmares, anyway?

Another bed near a window, this time in another perception. 

                         What is better than a 5 o' clock tea, taken on your porch? I tell you, a 5 o' clock tea in the garden,or in the greenhouse. And if you have vintage furniture, the better.

       Well, this is a bit to modern for my romantic taste, but I surely like the view. And the blue painting. It is the best solution to animate a dull interior.


Oh, this is my dream tree house, or garden-house, you will say. The best place to retreat and enjoy a quiet summer afternoon. Damn! I really need this place! Now!

            I always and forever love the effect of a canopy in a bedroom. Of course, you will need a big bedroom to make an arrangement like this. But the blending between white and grey-blue is possible. Especially for small, narrow spaces like Romanian apartments.


What was I saying about tree houses? Well, I lied. This is it! :D Please, observe the structure. Doesn't it remind you of the indian's tents? I guess it has the same principle.

Hoping you have a chiller day than I do,
Kisses, Mara

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