11 Aug 2011


My sister's post on Catchy ( http://www.catchy.ro/). She is probably one of the best writers I know. And I am not saying this just because she is my dear sis. No. I base myself on what others said about her native writing talent, and on her so many won writing contests.

This time she had presented, very shortly, belive me, her trip to Sardinia and what she has dexperienced there. I tell you that you can understand the whole atmosphere just from her stories. She tells her stories easily, in a cool and relaxed way  and it's always easy to follow her storyline.
I think I should let you with her stories, on this site, that I have discovered since she started writing and  congratulate the staff for choosing Alma to write their weekly design article. They couldn't have choosen a better person for this.
Hope you will enjoy   http://www.catchy.ro/catchy-deco-dor/16517



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