2 Aug 2011


Well, today, not having any other ins[ired ideea for a post, I just arrived at my primordial ideea fo rthe blog: the design isue. 
I've surched the internet for ideas and look what inspires me these days.

                                 Work of art on the wall. Lots of works of art. Yes, and the rough table.

                       Mirror, mirror on the wall. Or in the garden, this time. I wonder which one tells the  truth.
     Great way to keep the cookies. Elegant and it keeps the dog away from them. Well, till he discovers that he can jump on the table, or he can brake the glass. Hope your dogs don't behave like that, though.:P

                                         My new idea of how a working space should look like.
                                                      And the perfect coffe drinking spot.

      Isn't this a little hippie?But I always considered colours to be an important element in decorating a house. And different patterns, of course. And pillows.

                                      When I will be old, this is how my reading corner would look like.

   I always respect a mirror's role in a room. Sometimes, it is better than a picture. Although a standing object it brings life to a room for reflecting living an moving elements.

                                And this is a good quote to start a day.  Try it just once and you'l feel better.

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