22 Aug 2011



       And now, let's get serious and admire some architecture. I forgot all about it for some weeks now and I feel like I have to catch up with everything new in my business. I found this spectacular house on http://www.archdaily.com/161360/villa-topoject-and/   and I can't take my eyes from it. You know, one of the most bothering thing for an architect is to try and integrate the construction into the site's image. Tough job, I tell you, because if you don't study enough the space and you don't "read" and "feel" the nature, you can easily fail in making a house that doesn't fit. And even if it is a remarcable work of architecture, it could look ugly just because it is a stranger to the site.
       Well, this house is near Seoul, Korea, in a mountain region. The hole house is hidden from the street tangent to it just from rising itself  like a slope-protection wall. With this effect, the AND team(the architects who have worked for the project) they could recreate an image, easily confused with the mountains nearby. If there weren't grey walls, you could say there is no house. The interior becomes exterior at a glimpse, the spaces being often separated by clear walls of glass.You can easily fall in the trap of the perspective and the game of surfaces and find yourself outside. Or inside.
     This project reminds me of a similar building, this time a hotel, done by our firm for a place in the Romanian mountains. The use of materials, wood and glass, vegetation planted in no ordinary places( on the roof), helps the building to hide itself and not interfere in the whole ambient.
    My question is, now, will ever Romanians learn that a house should blend in the site en NEVER, EVER be orange or pink, because the nature doesn't have those colors in big quantities? Well, I guess we are the ones to change people's perception and, why not, their education. So, good bye and good luck in achieving this.


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