31 Jan 2011


Yes guys, this is one of the fresh things. It is a new magazine(online for now) on architecture, art and everything related. It is a new aproach on this subject, everything being reformulated in the contemporary style.Nowadays, in Romania, art, architecture, urbanism, are not accorded such an importance as they should. People tend to forget that we need these kind of things to develop too, to look good because afterall, these are the things that soround us daily: houses,streets, parks.The Romanians tend to be a little more selfish than before, they no longer see but their own house and yard.Everything outside it, does no longer exist! This should be changed! Young people should learn how important is the ambient, the place they leave in and that they should respect it an try to preserve it as much as they can. Because afterall, this is what define us as a nation, as a collectivity.Everything that remains from the past is US.I trully hope that this magazine will succeed in opening people's minds as well as others, and I hope and wish it will be a success.
Good luck guys!


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