11 Jan 2011

Things to consider this year 2

IKEA. I guess you all know it! That place that offers you furniture at low prices but with not so much perspectives. I am evil, I admit. And a little bit hipocrit. I also have some items from the specified store.But I try my best to avoid it. I promise.
Well, these days, wondering about on blogs and on the internet, I found a Swedish inspiration. At last! Well, I won't lie to you, "unfortunately", it is not Ikea. No. It is better. It is vintage! I love vintage stuff(probably this something inherited from my parents, big collectors of old and precious things, each with its wonderful story. I thing I have houndreds of stories gathered in my 3 rooms-apartment. This is what I love about it! Its stories. Well, this Swedish inspiration is quite the same. It tells a lot of stories in one snapshot.So, ladies and gentlemen...Enjoy!!

photos via http://www.husohem.se/

P.S.:Tomorrow, a post from my lovely weekned. Cultural weekend.;)
P.S.1:Oh, and a so called "fashion post":my new pair of funky-cozy-smurffy slippers:


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