12 Jan 2011

Russian 20th century experience

Nice little hats,right? I wasn't able to photo but these and another funny stuff from the exhibition, because, unfortunately we weren't alowed to do any photographs to those incredible costumes. It is a pitty! They were really beatiful and awfuly well preserved, considering they dated from the beggining of the 20th century.I hope you can make yourself an opinion just from the photos I posted last week and from today.

I don't think you remember(and I don't blame you for that), Ivan Biblin's children's books illustrations. I remember them very well, my parents being obsessed in buying their little girls(me and my sis, Alma) books that we wouldn't be able to read(they were in Russian, and I can say, at that time, we did'nt know how to read Romanian either), but they had very nice and inspiring pictures.No wonder,we became image-people.I was very impressed to find that the costumes we have seen were inspired from his illustrations.

The whole arrangement was very well made (it is obvoius that a French did it), the walls were all black, wich I liked most. It was, from far a great way of emphasizing the clothes and giving them a bigger importance. Brilliant! Now,enjoy more photos from the games presented there, based on the exhibition ideea.


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