4 Jan 2011

Things to consider this year 1

Since today I was immobilized indoors,because of a nasty flu, and because our boss was kind enough to let us work from home(luckyly we are architects ,so in a way a little bit of freelancers)I had time thinking of things that would inspire me through this new year. As I stood all day with my nose in front of the computer, for one, beacause I needed to find information for my newest office project: A resort in Cheia,a really nice part of the country, and second, that I wanted to find my 2011 inspiration. So,ladies and gentlemen, these are my nominees.

A "mirror, mirror on the wall" can give the home a really nice twist. The trick is to choose it a little bit different than the rest of the room.It will advertise herself and the whole interior. I chose for example,this nice rococo style, used in antithesis with the whole arrangement, but feels still like it was ment to be there.
Another obsession of mine are pictures and paintings.I consider that a house without paintings(you can understand here children paintings too), is a lady without accessories.It doesn't have the personlity of it's owner anywhere.I am the adept of compositions made from picture frames, and I would use many and various ones to create one big immage on a room's wall.

The very next thing that will guide me this year, in fashion this time, is the so called "trench".I personally consider this item a very ellegant one, and also very casual, depending on how you want to look like.Of course, the ultimate choice is the Burberry trench. Well, if I am thinking a little bit, I can say that I totally love the Burbarry bag in the photo, so I would make it may "guiding 2011 item"too. Luckyly there are no more" fashion things" in this immage, because I would probably consider them "must-haves".

Oh well,we have reached my favourite part.The dressing.If it was for me to decide,I would make a whole room of my apartment a storing place for my clothes, shoes and accessories.But since I am still "sharing"the appartment with my parents, that would probably be impossible.If I had this entire place,I would probably chose the "see the clothes" option.In that case I will always find what I am looking for.

Well,this is my ideal desk. This represents my ideea of a "working space". Pure and simple...elegant and neat.See the frames I was talking before? They really give the space a different perspective, arranged like this.

And in the end, for all of you, crazy gadget people, an interesting idea that I didn' know it existed. Till now.


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