7 Feb 2011


Yes, that's right. It is just me. In my room.My dearest sister flew away for an ERASMUS degree, just on the other side of Europe, more precisely in Sardenia. Great place to be in the middle of the Bucharest winter! Happy happy sunshine. Well you will ask me what the problem is. The problem is that she will be away for about 6 months!!6 MONTHS!!This is quite a lot! I have never been away from her so long,excepting the time I was in Zagreb, working. But that was 2 months. Well,I will get used to not having her here, messing with my stuff. I am just kidding. I love her so,so much, and I think I will have a hard time to accomodate. Luckyly, my boyfriend is staying more with me, and I will handle.
Well, I should think of a HOLLYDAY POST, for today, speacking of Sardenia, but I will go there this spring, and I don't want to spoil the surprize.
Do you ever thought of how an architect's desk should look like? Nowadays it is more simple being an architect, you don't need a big desk or lots of sheets of paper thrown everywhere.We've got Autocad,don't we? I would preffered the old fashioned way, this programme being very imperonal.

Well,for those of you who did'nt get read of the old planning methods, or for you who just want to have another kind of desk, here are a few ideas I found.

This kind of desk is good for a bigger space than our "match boxes" from Romania, isn't it?:p
Anyway, I admire the combination between the old desk and the chair that seems modified for this tipe of table.

I tell you from experience: you can't project anything with a bunch of flowers on the table. Never! But still,I like the ideea. And the PAPER trash bin.
And now, a place to relax after the endless nights of working, or on cosy Sundays. You choose. The green from the chair blends perfectly with the petrol -gray walls. And the table for coffe and books, of course in a chill purple. And, last but not least, the pillows and the cosy blankie.

For those of you who can't leave the Autocad and can't remember how to hold a pencil anymore, I have some ideeas of workspace, too.

So,are you pleased? I sure am! These study/ work spaces are brilliant. I would work non-stop if I had one of them.

Soon,I will show you my verry own work space. I hope.

Kisses, Mara

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