25 Jan 2011

No subject_just wedding

Back!Sorry for being away for a week, but I had such a busy week, I couldn't even breath.
I've been to Cheia, a great place in our Carpatian mountains, for our big project, and it's been great! I totally advice you to try an hitchike there.The view is great, the air is so breathable and it's soooo quiet!Bothering quiet, if I am thinking.All my photos from there are at my working place,but I will try stealing a few to show you a bit, the atmosphere.
Since last post, winter came to Bucharest. Again. With lots of snow and cold. Real cold!
Well,I am a little stupid these days. Today isn't an exception. For that,I forgot my memory stick with all the nice information I wanted to share with you today. So, I will had to improve something.
These days,I am helping one of my best friends organizing her wedding.I was very honored and I started searching for ideas. My dream is to have my own organizing events firm someday.So, this came like a glove to me. For that, I am searching for ideas all over the place.The internet place, actually. And look what I found.

This is a very interesting site, I found during my researches.I find it very helpful, for all people,not just brides and housewives.It is simple and helpful.
And now a few nice ideas,that I will share with you.There are not my favourite, but in lack of others...remind your guests that they can't eat all the food.It's good for their shape. To help them, offer as wedding favor some measuring tapes. They will understand what to d with them. And if they are for charity, even better.

And for gadget lovers...Well, a memory stick. I would love such a favor. I never have enough memory sticks.I always lose them.

I promise that next post will be more fun and will be"me". Again.


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