3 Jan 2012


Happy new year to all of you,out there!!! 12 is my lucky number but I hope it will be yours too,and this year will bring you anything you wanted! I definitely had so much fun at our usual new year party. It has been such a success this year, with all those goood cocktails( thanks a million Ionut, our architect-teacher-bartender) and that all night laughing and dancing and remembering childhood times. A great party for a great year!

 Preparing the goodieess.:D

 One of the results. Delicious indeed.

 Delicious again.

00:00.Sharp! Happy new yearrr!!

Playing with fire?:P

They just danced all night! So much energy for non-sleeping architects!:))

 And still dancing.

 We sure wish you a happy new year and a happy married life, Roxana& Bogdan!

We also got time for studying. Oana, here, discovered some interesting stuff. 

 The guys having fun. At midnight, with a bottle of champagne.

 Playing with stars.

 Me, wishing you a happy, happy new year.

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