25 Jan 2012


When it comes to men style, this is what inspires me most: nude colors with blue, brown or red accents, almost like a Gavroche. A little bit of slacky image won't harm anyone, right? And it's so cool.  

This combination is just very good, considering we are talking about a boy.:P You don't find a colour that matches, but the whole is just brilliant.

Well,this boy drives me mad! I can assume he is dressed accordingly.:P

 Just crave for his yellow gloves.And casualty.

 Aparently, those socks and trainers don't have anything in common with the outfit. And that's what it makes it so cool.

 Just observe the colors combination. And the boy.:P

Green socks?Who would have thought about that? Him.:P

Again, we are talking about colors. And jacket. And combination.

I know a lot of you, girls will drawl over these photos. I know, there are some cute guys here. But you should thank http://garconstyle.blogspot.com and http://www.thesartorialist.com/ as always, for them. 

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