9 Jan 2012


My sister is one of the greatest discoverer of all times. She really knows where and how to find beautiful things. For instance, from her Sardinian trip she came up with this cool and inspirational magazine. You probably know it, but I just discovered it now. It is called Hachette Home and after Art et Decoration and Maison et Travaux it is just my favorite when it comes about cozy and homy places.
And now, some inspiration from it. Enjoy.
If you wanna start the year in a positive way, be sure you buy something green. It's a must!

 Some typical Italian design. Yumm.
A hole article about a white home. Just my type. White is hard to clean but it surely is the best color you can decorate your interiors with.

 Black and white. And an accent of 5% red.
 Great ideas for reusing your string of Christmas lights.
And candles. 
 In interior designing, gray is the new black. In my opinion, at least.

And gold is the new IT.

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