28 Dec 2011


 My kind of decorating the kitchen window. Old style.

 The Christmas tree. Classic this year with old style accents, like gingerbread and dried orange and apple slices.

The wooden Christmas tree has been in my family for a looong,loong time. It is already a tradition to collect each year a few wooden ornaments for it. Unfortunately I think I will have to build a new one for next year, this little one can't handle the toys anymore.:P

The gift wrapping this yeah :Wrapping paper(the cheapest one) and old newspapers, ribbons and lace.

And the famous gingerbread cookies. Made by me, designed by me.I assure you they are delicious!

Yes, guys, Christmas has passed, but chill,next year we take off again. With preparations, joy and carols. This year I had a little problem getting into the Christmas spirit, although, here, on the blog, I have been preparing it for almost a month. Oh well, these things happen. I tried to surround  myself with decorations, carols and specific stuff,but it didn't work. Some family issues didn't help me celebrate. Oh well, skipping that, let me show you how my Christmas decorations look like. So, 3,2,1 GO!

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