16 Dec 2011


Considering that I just left my sister to the airport, for her Christmas adventure in Sardegna, I don't have anything left to do but think of how I am going to spend Christmas and how I am going to decorate the house this year. For  start, this year I am forced to start designing the Christmas tree one weak early, for I have to decorate 2 more trees, my boyfriend's and my dad's. Tough job, I tell ya. For that I have started the research. And look what alternatives I found.

These are a nice alternative of Christmas trees for kids. Pink or blue. Depends on what you have.:P

Why not have an upside down Christmas tree this year? As a change. 

Found grandma's old stuff? Do you have junk stuff that occupies your drawers. Well, this is a new alternative to your Christmas tree. And it goes with the crisis.:D

Another idea for a crisis Christmas tree. Pick some branches from the park and decorate them with globes. 

Use the old frame and try this kind of design. Playful and original .

And another design for a branch. This time, try painting it and add some vintage globes. You will get an elegant and stilish tree.

Well,yes, you guessed. This tree is made from a bottle brush.:D Not a used one, of course. :D

Remember those boxes in which they transport oranges to markets? Well, they are a good material to build a Christmas tree. You can leave it like this, or paint it. The effect will be the same.

This would be my friend's Dana, favorite tree. It is a  laser cut tree.:D From wood, of course. It could also be made in plexi glass.

Talking about wood, take a look at this structure. Easy peasy.

This is another idea for my architect friends out there. The wooden pixel treee!!!

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