5 Dec 2011


     This time,each year, in Bucharest, the Christmas season begins. How I know? The fair from The Romanian peasant Museum takes place before St Nicholas Day. This is a Romanian holiday, which celebrates children's protector, who is Mr. Nicholas. I personally love this day, because it is ours, not like Christmas, or Halloween, or Easter. It is just Romanian. And it has so much charm. 
    This year, I have had the opportunity to go to this fair, for 2 times, which was a delight. And, of course I have discovered many new and beautiful ideas to share with you.
     My new obsession are the really nice and inspired objects made by Szast Judit, from the city of Danesti, near Harghita. I have been fascinated by the combination between the traditional way to make ceramics and the reinterpretations of  household items, from simple bottles, to butter holders, to honey jars and even salt containers. And, the colors. Well, about the colors, I discovered them in the light of my camera's flash, as it was dark. And I was totally amazed by my discovery. Apparently dark and sober colors, they have proved being  the other way round. Of course, I couldn't have left there without purchasing a bell for my growing collection and some presents for friends and family. Here are a few snapshots I have taken of these really nice objects.

The salt containers that fooled me.:D

Pretty objects for the soul.


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