8 Dec 2011


I don't know about you, but I love making presents. I love receiving but that is another story.:P Each time I have to make a present I get involved so much in it, than after giving it, I literally feel exhausted. My favorite part when giving presents is wrapping them up. Each time I do that, I try to find new and better ways to cover the present, than an usual gift bag, found in the supermarket. These are a few ideas, that I could be using this year when wrapping the Christmas gifts. Would you try them too?

      I always like using mums ribbons for packing a present. The more colorful, the better.:D

       To make an original wrapping for your presents you can choose some handmade hearts like these ones. They will totally catch the eyes of the receiver.

Well, this is how I would wrap my mom's present this year. She is in love with vintage brooches.

                 Another hand made fun wrapping, this time suitable for a kid's present. The discovery of the present would be more entertaining with this kind of presentation.

I always loved this kind of wrapping paper. My parents used it to cover my notebooks in primary school, and I totally loved it. The color of the paper and the lace give the present a vintage look and the splash of bright color makes it more dynamic.

       If the example before was vintage, this is more than that. Vintage and elegant. The packaging it's an art itself. But, this type of wrapping is suited for the crafty ones, that have loots of patience and lots of inspiration.

Photos from:http://www.citified.blogspot.com/http://acreativemint.typepad.com/a_creative_mint/,http://decor8blog.com/

Happy and inspired gift wrapping!! :)

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